Massage Chairs At The Consumer Electronics Show Are Splendid

I was lucky enough to take some time to go to Las Vegas for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show or CES. The CES has every conceivable electronic device imaginable. I was interested in checking out the latest and greatest in the world of massage chairs. I was able to try a number of massage chairs and share my findings here.

There was a Japanese manufacturer of massage chairs called Family Inada. This company won the 2010 CES innovation award for their product the Dream Wave Sogno. The Dream Wave Sogno is a very advanced massage recliner with a pretty far out design.

The Sogno has more airbags than any massage chair that I have ever tried. There are airbags that surround the neck and also ones that can massage your entire arm. The air massage was impressive around the neck area and was effective in relieving tension in the neck area. The arm massage was not as effective and did not provide the level of compression I was expecting.

The Dream Wave is named for the advanced seat design which is incorporated into this recliner. The seat pivots to provide ergonomic support for your spine and buttocks. The seat will rock in place in a wave like movement. This helps to reduce the stress built up on the spine and relax the lower torso. This technological marvel comes in an egg-shaped design which is a bit funky for most households. All this technology comes at a price, which for the Sogno was $6,000.

I did get to try the most expensive massage chair at the CES Show. The $8,000 Fujiiryoki massage chair was by far the most expensive. The Fujiiryoki massage chair has an FDA device listing and was being billed as a medical chair. This massage recliner comes with a shoulder press massage. The shoulder press is powered by an air compressor which activates airbags to squeeze both shoulders with a compression massage.

The massage techniques are very invigorating and relieving. The combination of good massage to the back with the rotation of air compression from the feet, calves, shoulders and seat provides for a thorough massage experience. The design of the chair is modern with black and silver colors.

I was able to try the Montage Premier by Omega Massage. This is the high end Omega chair which has full body massage capabilities. The Omega Montage Premier was the only chair with heat therapy and also a music player. The massage capabilities were stronger than both the Sogno and the Fujiroiki chairs.

Trying massage chairs at a tradeshow with a million people around takes you being able to relax and forget your surroundings. This is where the Montage Premier shined. I slipped on the headphones and let the soothing tunes take me away from the crowds. The Montage Premier recliner then warmed me, stretched me and gave me a relieving deep tissue massage. I felt I found the right chair and at $4,500, it was the best deal at the show.

I wanted to try both Sanyo and Panasonic, but they were not displaying massage chairs in their exhibits this year. They did have some fantastic LCD and Plasma screen TVs though. However, my mission was massage chairs, so I was disappointed not to get a chance to try them.

I also tried a variety of massage chairs form all sorts of companies. I tell you this is hard work. Some of these chairs are poorly designed or have ineffective massage therapies, so I won’t name any names here. There are always companies that are out for a quick buck. I always ask the company if they sell to retailers. If they don’t then I am always concerned with warranty problems down the road.

I tell you the CES 2010 was an amazing show with every conceivable and unique electronic devices all under one roof. I was fortunate to try many massage chairs from some great companies. The most impressive were the Montage Premier, Fujiiryoki and the Dream Wave. These are certainly impressive pieces of technology and will provide years of excellent massage therapy at the touch of a button. If you have a chance, check them out and see which is best for you.

You will find the Consumer Electronics show or CES is in early January each year in Las Vegas. This massive show brings you almost three thousand vendors of every gadget in the electronic world. The technology is amazing as you can find big screens, to cell phones to security systems. The massage chairs are amazing as well. It is something to see and experience the cutting edge of technology.

The CES Show is certainly the showcase for the Top Massage Chairs in the World. You will find a showcase of all the best the world of electronics has to offer. For more information, check out our massage chair reviews and articles. We feature the best brands of massage chairs for all your needs.

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