Lose weight meal plans – Check out this sample weight loss meal plan

Sometimes it seems that some people can get away with bad habits and wrong actions. If your best friend is eating hamburgers, pizzas and ice-cream and is not getting fat at all, but you will get fat when eating these foods,then this can be really frustrating. But sooner or later even your “lucky” friend will start gaining fat eating these foods. So the food you eat is very important and it would also be nice to eat good foods, that taste great and still lose weight. This can be done, if you choose the right foods, there is no need to starve yourself.

Lose weight meal plans

First of all you need to understand that everything you eat, either moves you closer to your target or moves you further away from it. No food is neutral, so you have to be really careful what you eat. It is also a good idea not to follow some extreme meal plan. For example a very low carb meal plan, very low fat meal and so on. The best meal plan should have all the macronutrients the body needs. For a lot of people the, 50-55% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 15-20%, ratio works very well.

Sample weight loss meal plan

Meal 1 – Oatmeal, egg white omelet, banana
Meal 2 – 100% whole grain dry cereals, protein shake, orange
Meal 3 – Chicken breast, Brown rice, green beans
Meal 4 – Top round steak, baked potato, broccoli
Meal 5 – Yams, cottage cheese, asparagus
Meal 6 – Tuna, Whole wheat bread, salad

Calories: women – 1500-1800 calories, men – 2100-2400 calories

This is just and example and you can very easily create your own meal plans, but you have to include lean proteins, complex carbs, simple carbs, starchy carbs, fibrous carbs and also essential fats in your meal plan. If you do that and keep your calories under control, then you can certainly lose weight.

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