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  1. chibigatts says:

    hehe, but you can trust in martial arts culture
    but japanese think in useful things like this

  2. I trust Japanese 🙂 they are trustful
    but not Chinese or Korean… no way

  3. yurikgaara says:

    they forgot about dinner >.>
    if u drink only water and dont overeat you can lose weight

  4. drinking cold water boost your body heat which uses energy, therefore bruning fat

  5. BillyTalent271 says:

    ok, but what if you wake up at lunch time on a daily basis??? ( during summer break)

  6. geniusNOTatWORK says:

    omg! The bananas are so cute with the googly eyes!! I should really try this, I love bananas and some of the points are very valid

  7. ok,what time ashould i eat breakfAST? Cause im going to have to force myself to wakeup to eat banana’s becausee i usually wake up like around 12

  8. freeze it xD

  9. How do you eat water?

  10. MonkeyBoy2194 says:

    Hmmm, if you sleep less than 6 hours a day you’re likely to gain mass. I’m doing that every night nearly and I’m really skinny.

  11. xr0cKeRJYx says:

    wait,what if we eat dinner at 7,well im screwed anyway since i get 6 hours of sleep

  12. jaijai2233 says:

    oh, god, i’m screwed. i pretty much violated everything!!
    better get started on those bananas!

  13. Do1DazzleYou says:

    They were actually serious? Whoa. Also, does this diet actually work?

  14. tima12tima says:

    and i eat pizza after 12 am

  15. ilovenature101 says:

    i love bananas

    this is the best diet EVER

  16. windmonkey95 says:

    lol i eat dinner at 8 at the very earliest

  17. Blackmooncreations says:

    I eat dinner at 9 pm XD

  18. cherryfilters says:

    don’t eat after 6 pm. i heard it takes 6 hours for your body to completely flush everything out of your system. so if your going to eat anything i’d suggest eating water or eating something really light.

  19. itsfakebytheway says:

    ur mom can diet on my banana hahanH AH AH h ahwm

  20. 1337l34113r2 says:

    what if i’m hungry at like 6 or 8 or later?

  21. Can you drink coffee too?

  22. anurek123 says:

    i didnt know that.

    thanks for you reply

  23. Wii Fit recommends bananas for its easy energy before exercise

  24. rodk2prod says:

    I remember when we had the banana shortage here in Japan,and my mom wanted to start the diet G_G

  25. rodk2prod says:

    Erm,as far as I know,they eat bananas to avoid cramps! It does give some energy,of course,but the main ‘objective’ is to avoid cramps! ^^

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