Isn’t Being Prone To Easy Bruising An Indicator For Diabetes?

If you are someone who has concerns about your bruising easily, you will learn that it is extremely important to take sufficient time to figure out what is taking place with your body. Even if you have always had the condition of bruising easily, or whether you are now suddenly facing the condition as a new development, you’ll find that the more information that you can accumulate about the issue now, the higher your chances for success are going to be when it comes to overcoming the problem. Easy bruising is often pointed out as one of the symptoms for diabetes, and conversely easy bruising is one way that this disease might be recognized.

Are you a member of a family which has diabetes running through the family history? There is a particularly strong genetic link involved with this disorder, and if you have a parent who contracted it, there is a greater chance that you may end up contracting it yourself.

Diabetes is generally considered as a condition of an out of balanced metabolism, where the person who has contracted the disease experiences exceptionally high blood sugar levels. The basis for the problems that are symptomatic of diabetes is usually a condition centering on a defective system for the secretion of insulin or in the manner in which the insulin acts in the body.

With this genetic linkage in mind, why should we associate our bruising as a symptom of diabetes, and why would bruises unexpectedly appearing on your body become the basis for your concern? There are two occasions when bruises might appear if diabetes is the source. The first condition is named acanthosis nigricans. With this condition, your skin might exhibit black or brown discoloration in the folds or creases of your body. This is usually a situation that occurs on the neck and inside the armpits. This happens because insulin has suffused in the skin, and it is often considered to be a symptom of Type II diabetes.

Another issue that you might run into is the fact that normal healing can be slowed in people with diabetes. Your body’s resources are being taken up in another way, and you’ll discover that there are many different ways in which diabetes can make itself known due to this fact.

Even if you have noticed that you are finding bruises similar to the kind referred to above, and even if you have some of the other symptoms besides bruising easily, including weight loss, fatigue, blurred vision, increased thirst, and frequent urination, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor for a determination on diabetes. Easy bruising in and of itself is not necessarily a sign that you have contracted diabetes, especially if there is no history of this condition.

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