Massage Chairs Can Reduce Dependence On Drugs For Pain Relief

If you suffer from pain in the lower back for instance, what are your options for relief? In essences there are two paths you can go down. There is natural pain relief and there is pharmaceutical pain relief. Massage therapy is a natural method of pain relief used for centuries. Massage chairs provide an automated way for us to receive massage therapy versus taking a drug like methadone for pain relief.

Sufferers of back pain fall into two main categories of acute or chronic. Chronic conditions may include much pain and discomfort and may necessitate synthetic pain relief. In many other cases, natural methods of recovery including physical therapy and massage therapy are very effective. If a drug is needed, more often then not it is Methadone.

What is Methadone? Methadone is an opiod that is used extensively for medical treatment. Opiods work directly on the central nervous system to suppress pain signals. This drug is used for treating chronic pain conditions as it is a strong pain reliever. Doctors may typically write prescriptions for methadone for lower back pain for their patients.

Doctors like to use methadone where the patient is indeed in pain and needs temporary relief. The drug works almost immediately to block the signals from the central nervous system to remove the pain. A normal dosage will provide pain relief for 4 to 8 hours. This is a quick fix used in chronic pain situations.

There of course is a downside of using methadone for low back pain. It may take up to a week for your body to rid itself of it. If you are taking the methadone, even on a daily basis, this medication will eventually lead to an increased dose and because it accumulates in the body and along with your resistance.

Beware of the side effects of methadone. Side effects can be respiratory depression, confusion, chest pain, heart rhythm irregularities, syncope, and/or hallucinations. Other side effects are weakness, drowsiness, nervousness, insomnia, loss of appetite, and a decreased sexual appetite. Be advised also that a pregnant or new mother who is nursing should not use methadone as it can be passed along to your baby by breast feeding.

Although methadone is an effective treatment in chronic low back pain, you may experience withdrawal when coming off of the medication. If you are using methadone as treatment for chronic low back you must be carefully monitored by your primary care physician. Methadone treatment should start out as low as possible to obtain relief.

Massage chairs provide an alternative to a pharmaceutical solution. Massage therapy helps the body to relieve and reduce pain naturally. Massage chairs target the soft tissues, joints, muscles, tendons of the body. By using several massage techniques, muscle stiffness, aches and pains can be significantly reduced.

Massage chairs come with an arsenal of massage treatments and many programs for targeting and pinpointing to your needs. A chopping action massage helps to loosen up tight muscles and enhance blood flow. The rolling massage is used to give the spinal a segmented traction to stretch the soft tissue between the discs.

The use of a massage chair is to provide therapeutic treatments to patients suffering from back pain. Not all conditions can be served with a massage chair. Some of the typical treatments include stretching tight muscles. There are kneading and tapping massages that invigorate and soothe tight muscles. A rolling massage is used to provide a mechanical traction to the spine which elongates the soft tissue between the discs improving flexibility.

A massage chair by using a natural method may take a few sessions until it is fully effective. The lower back may be tender and sensitive and any initial massages may be uncomfortable. This is typical as the muscles and soft tissues become less flexible and rigid causing pain and discomfort. This lessens with repetitive applications.

So there you have it, which path to choose? If you are in severe pain, then getting immediate relief is very important. However, for most conditions, it is much better to seek the natural path. In the end your body must heal itself, so the sooner you can get it on that tract the better. Massage chairs provide a great variety of treatments which can help in many situations. If you are suffering from back pain, then you should check with your professional health care provider to find the right treatments for you. Be sure to ask them about what natural remedies are available.

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