Information Concerning Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Information about breast cancer is all around us and can be gleaned from many sources. It is not impossible for a man to experience it but it’s far more commonly experienced by women. It can strike fear into the heart of anyone but nowadays we know far more about it.

There is more of a chance that you will get it if you are an older woman. Those aged fifty five or older are at greater risk in this regard. As you get older it becomes more probable that your health will deteriorate in many ways and this leaves the body open to be affected by many different conditions that are detrimental to health.

It may prove advisable to look at your family history and look into whether any of your blood relatives have suffered from this condition as this can greatly increase your chances of being affected. This means that you can check your family history to increase you awareness in this instance

The choice to have children later in life or not having them at all will also be something that affects the outcome in this instance. This may be due to hormonal shifts that are known to occur in the body due to making this particular decision in life.

Having a child after the age of thirty makes suffering from issues of this kind more probable whereas being pregnant several times from an earlier age reduces the chance of this happening and this might be due to a lowering in the amount of menstrual cycles that woman experienced in her lifetime and again this may affect you on a hormonal level.

In a similar vein it is more common for women who has regularly used the contraceptive pill to be at greater risk of suffering from breast cancer.

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