The Differences Between A Keynote Speaker And After Dinner Speakers

In recent times, professional speaking has turned into big business. There are very many different kinds of speakers and telling them apart can be tricky for most. We have motivational speakers, business speakers, keynote speakers, after dinner speakers, conference hosts, presenters, guest speakers and many others bearing other kinds of titles and labels. There is lack of clarity when determining what these individuals do and which category suits each one of them. All kinds of speaking require an individual who will practice, has talent, does research, is able to apply humor, possesses a high level of intelligence and a couple more attributes. Although there is a standard in the basic requirements to all types of speaking there are certain differences found amongst the different groups. A key note speech can be given by an after dinner speaker though that does not automatically make them a keynote speaker.

Eloquence, humor, quick thinking and being very knowledgeable are some of the qualities needed for all speakers. Being able to competently present to the different groups that they come across is also an important requirement. Small differences in the method of execution are seen in the working of these speaking professionals. The main speaker in a session with several speakers is described as a keynote speaker. These are mostly people who have a good amount of knowledge in a specific field and have built a reputation as a respected and experienced individual.

Keynote speakers are often the last to speak during a speaking session and are normally allocated the most time to deliver their speech. The keynote speakers should have the ability to deliver a speech that is entertaining, informative and memorable. A professional keynote speaker is often very expensive to hire. There are keynote speakers, who will render free services if addressing professional bodies to which they are members.

After dinner speakers are often required to entertain guest at an event and could be the only speaker invited to the event. They are expected to play a complimentary role and are not the main attraction of the event unlike the keynote speakers. An after dinner speaker should be able to present an entertaining and informative talk that is casual. This is in contrast to the formal speeches that are sometimes quoted by authors of professional publications as presented by keynote speakers. You will rarely come across after dinner speakers who have their speeches quoted in publications.

A keynote speaker is expected to make an educational presentation while an after dinner speaker is simply expected to entertain. An after dinner speaker will often be invited to parties, fundraisers and other such events. Seminars, symposiums and other such meetings especially where the audience is from a particular professional organization are the most common forums where keynote speakers are invited. An after dinner speaker can be invited to be a keynote speaker at an event. But that is not he case with the keynote speakers as few will take on after dinner speaking. Hiring an after dinner speaker is just as expensive as getting a keynote speaker. You will rarely find an after dinner speaker who does it for free unless they are at a charity event.

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