Muscle Building In Simple Scientific Terms

Bodybuilding is more than just lifting weights to get big. To fully understand it, you have to understand muscles in motion. This would be how muscles operate.

Muscles develop by making them work. You need to keep your body moving to make sure that your muscles work. They work extra when we are in full motion. Thus, to develop the muscles to the maximum, we must make them work to the best of our abilities. As Governor Arnold said back in the day, No Pain, No Gain.

Sitting all day on your computer chair won’t grow your muscles. They won’t grow if you stay stationary. However, something will grow horizontally if you sit on your behind all day, and that is your stomach and waistline. Neither can you work fast to achieve muscle growth – it’s a slow, steady process. This is what is popularly known as a workout.

Regular activities like jogging, lifting objects and taking a brisk walk can tone your muscles, or keep them in condition. Toning your muscles, though, won’t give you arms and legs like tree trunks. You have to do more -lots more – to have stunning muscles. You have to workout. By the very term “workout,” you can have a good idea of what it takes to grow muscles.

Since the dawn of bodybuilding, lifting heavy weights and other hardcore procedures are the most effective muscle growers. If you really want to grow some serious muscle, this should be your calling in life and numero uno pastime. You also have to do away with vices like smoking, drinking liquor, eating junk foods, etc.

Muscles grow in size only when they are moving. Try standing in front of a mirror, and as you stand perfectly still, you will not see any evidence of muscle growing in size. You would only see this evidence of muscle if you would perform an activity even as simple as clenching your fist. This may not be a muscle building activity (of course it isn’t) but merely a display of the principle that muscles have to move in order to grow. As muscles are subjected to repeated exertions that gradually increase intensity, they grow and toughen.

Muscle develops faster and more effectively with an increased intensity in muscle activity. In other words, the best muscle development programs are the ones that integrate a gradual increase in muscle stimulation. If your exercise features no such system of increasing efforts and challenges to your muscle strength, your muscles can only grow so much. Some exercises do form muscles, but only to a certain extent. These muscles you form are regulating muscles that help you with everyday tasks, but little else. Anything beyond these tasks would be near impossible.

And if you look at a fully developed set of muscles, you are looking at muscles that live up to their potential and run like a well-oiled machine, allowing you to perform at a level you never performed before. Bodybuilding is the key to reaching this goal.

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