Indoor Tanning – Suggestions

Indoor tanning is a really quick way to acquire a bronzed look regardless of the season. In recent years indoor tanning has become a hot business and for a very good reason. Tanning beds found in indoor tanning salons make a person look tanned without having to spend hours in the sun. There are however some points to remember when going to your tanning salon.

Use the right tanning lotions. The creams and lotions sold in tanning salons have chemicals in them that speed up the tanning process. The correct lotion will be gentle on your skin and will contain a moisturizer as well. Using the right lotion make your money go farther because it will shorten the time it takes for your skin to tan. There are literally hundreds of tanning lotions available either in your tanning salon or from online stores. There is a lotion to suit every body and skin type. Some salons give away small samples of lotion so you can try before you buy.

Designer indoor tanning lotions may be more appealing but generally cost more. You might look to spend anywhere between $35 to $100. By checking out all the online stores which are available now you will you can probably get a better deal on these lotions. Special offers abound in online stores and will undoubtedly save you money. You can normally purchase designer lotions at almost 50% less. Select a seller with good feedback that is connected to the tanning industry.

Exfoliate your body before tanning. This is an essential part of your tanning routine. Your skin should be free of dead skin. Use a mild soap or body wash and a good exfoliant if necessary. Scrub the skin on the arms, legs and the rest of the body in circular motions. This will help remove all the dead skin and will also increase the effectiveness of tanning.

Use a light, unscented moisturizer after showering to maintain the moisture level of the skin. This also keeps skin pores clear. A moist skin tans a lot easier than a dry skin so using a moisturizer is a good idea. Perfumes and cosmetics are a no-no in a tanning bed. These make the skin more sensitive to light and can lead to uneven tanning or rashes.

Wondering what to wear in an indoor tanning bed? Most people tan with no clothes on because they require an all over tan with no lines from clothes or swimsuits. However all tanning salons have private rooms. If you choose to wear a swimsuit there will be no problem as your tanning salon has private rooms. Wear a bathing suit if you like or get a tan in your own underwear. Whatever works well for you.

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