Is Tingle Lotion The Best Lotion For You?

If you have tanned indoors a few times you might have noticed that you can buy designer lotions with either hot sizzling, tingling or cooling effects. Like most tanners you are probably wondering what the difference between these products are. The answer is the that tingle lotions contain lots of ingredients for increasing tan exposure to hard to tans spots and to aid in darkening existing tans. These tingle lotions are definitely not suitable for beginner tanners. When you start using them you should try a litle bit on a small area to check for any reactions. Beginners should be wary as tingle tanning lotions are not suitable for everyone.

If you have never used a tingle tanning lotion you are probably wondering what they are. Tingle tanning lotions lotions basically come in two different kinds, hot tingling or cooling tingling. The sensation is similar to a sizzle feeling. When these tingling tanning lotions are applied they make your skin feel like it’s tingling, either hot or cool depending on the type of lotion that you are using. If you are wondering what this tingling feels like, it is comparable to the tingling feeling you get when your foot falls asleep and starts to wake up.

The method of how these tingle lotions work is actually pretty simple. Although the tingle effect may be different with each tanning lotion manufacture, the tingle is produced in the much same way. It happens when a chemical reaction occurs between your skin and a certain chemical in the lotion. This chemical reaction stimulates blood flow to your skin surface quicker than normal. Also, the tingling effect will vary from person to person and this is because the intensity of the tingling effect depends upon your own skin type and body chemistry.

If you are thinking about trying out a tingle lotion it might be best to ask your tanning salon for a sample, to see how it reacts with your own skin. It should be tried on a small part on your skin first to assess the reaction. A good tanning salon will let you try a small sample first.

In more technical terms, this increased blood flow is actually an increase in the microcirculation and oxygenation of the blood vessels in your skin. This draws the blood closer to the surface of the skin, and in essence stimulates an increased melanin production. As you blood contains melatonin this increased blood flow closer to the surface results in your skin having a higher than normal concentration of melatonin or skin pigment. This cauases your skin to sizzle or tingle. Most tanners have no problem with this sensation.

This increase in melatonin can be beneficial in tanning certain hard to tan parts of the body, to darken existing tans, or darken some white spots. This is because the melatonin when exposed to the UV light will ensure that you tan darker and faster. If you have reached a tanning plateau and have noticed you are not getting any darker then you might want to try a sizzle or tingle lotion. Also, it is recommended that only tanners with well developed base tans should use tingle lotions. So if it is your first time tanning it’s probably best to stay away from sizzle or tingle lotions.

When you do use a tingle lotions for the first time there may be some side effects such as your skin turning slightly reddish, blotchy or having a burning feeling. Don’t worry too much about this as it will go away within an hour or so. If you find the tingling sensation unbearable you may want to have a warm shower to wash the lotion off. Also, it is best to try tingle or sizzle lotions in moderation. So the first time you use a tingle lotions you may want to use a very little amount or mix it with an existing lotion. Then on following tanning sessions you should increase the amount of tingle lotion you use.

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