How To Select A Good Tanning Gel

The best tanning lotion is one based on skin color. It should give a gradual tan instead of a quick one. The best tanning lotion is designed for your skin type and protects an individual’s skin from sun rays. The application process should be easy and not take a long time.

The best tanning lotions are composed of the ingredient known as dihydroxyacetate (DHA). The ingredient is basically a sugar available in a lot of skin products. It can also cause a chemical reaction after being applied to the skin. The chemical process makes the outer skin layer, which is called stratum corneum to slowly darken.

Fair skin people should use a product with less DHA. An unnatural tan is produced when using the wrong cream on your skin. This could lead to the skin turning an orange color when not using the best tanning lotion. Tanners who want a deeper tan should use a cream that contains more DHA. This type of self-tanner should be used on darker skin tones.

Selecting the best tanning lotion involves deciding on a gradual or dramatic tan. Self-tanners can be used daily and produces natural results. However, the process can take from a few days to a week. If you want quicker results, then you should use a bed.

Skin type is another important factor when looking for the best tanning lotion. The best tanning lotion is formulated for sensitive, dry and normal skin. If you have naturally dry skin, then you want to use the best tanning lotion that contains extra moisturizers. The wrong cream can irritate the skin, which is the reason for getting the best tanning lotion for your skin.

Following the instructions is important when trying to get the right results. The bottle usually comes with instructions and you want to follow them. Users may have to apply the lotion before dressing or getting in the bed. Furthermore, the best tanning lotion is made specifically for the skin.

Finding the best tanning lotion is easier when you have testimonials and reviews online to check out. The designer skin products make your skin soft and supple while helping you tan.

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