Improve Your Performance With Therapeutic Massage Offered By Chiropractic In Boulder

Before a Boulder chiropractor does a spinal manipulation, he or she often applies massage therapy. The purpose is to loosen the muscles in the area to be targeted. Then, when the manipulation has been carried out, another massage may be applied to relax everything around the treated area. Often, a tight or pulled muscle is responsible for causing a misalignment in the skeletal system.

This often happens in the spine. A chiropractic manipulation will have little effect if the muscle continues pulling on a bone and, chances are, it will once again come out of line. This can be prevented by massage therapy, during which the connective tissues and muscles are unlocked and loosened. When combined, spinal manipulations and massage therapy are very effective.

Today, massage is a key component in fitness and healing programs for sportspeople, both amateur and professional. Chiropractors are seen as a vital member of Olympic health-care teams. The numerous benefits of massage therapy complement other modules of training like nutrition and stretching.

The benefits of massage are many. It increases circulation, improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, stimulates the removal of lactic acid, increases flexibility, and enhances the effectiveness of training. It also reduces pain, tenderness, muscle spasms, and speeds up recovery. Massage helps the body relax and reduces the risk of injury.

Massage is a wonderful stress reliever and it has been used by many cultures for centuries. Today, it relieves the discomfort associated with a host of musculoskeletal disorders that include tension, headaches, and fibromyalgia. Due to its calming effects, it promotes a feeling of well-being and tranquility which helps with psychological issues such as anxiousness and depression.

A Boulder chiropractor also places emphasis on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and wellness modifications to promote mental and physical health. Chiropractic doctors do not believe in surgery or drugs, but they will refer patients to conventional doctors if other medical conditions are suspected. It is becoming more common for medical doctors to work together with alternative health care professionals such as chiropractors, physical therapists, and occupational health therapists.

A Boulder chiropractor combines massage and chiropractic adjustments to get the best of both care techniques. Learn more about chiropractics by visiting the web pages at .

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