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Tough Roads

There are events in our lives that can take us to places that others simply have not gone. An abortion, a rape, death of a child, stabbing to death of a little baby girl by her grandmother, loss of a partner at an early age, disappearance of a girl who was never found, total financial ruin, loss of a mom and dad by the age of thirteen, loss of a partner and child in a tragic auto accident, a cheating partner, 2 little boys, younger than the age of 5, who’s mom and dad are in prison and the boys are placed into a foster home, watching your girl and son-in-law run over by an emergency vehicle and watching a family member who fought dreadful depression. I have either personally experienced or have walked with a member of the family or extremely close friend who’ve traveled each of these roads. Every one takes you to a place of pain and an expedition that’s beyond most peoples comprehension.

Traveled Alone

For almost all of the stories above there are frequently multiple individuals who are there to offer support. Everyone who knows of their tragedies hurt awfully for them. But that is not true for each story above. Think of the individual who is raped, often we do not know of their story and the agony and hurt they are suffering. Their crisis is often cloaked in shame and secrecy. Have you know of somebody who has had an abortion? Yes it is their decision but often done without awareness of what lies ahead or performed under incredible family or private pressure. Their decisions may haunt them for years if not a life time and that journey is typically traveled alone.

Often Ridiculed

There’s another individual story above who faces a very lonely and many times ridiculed journey. Somebody with depression is frequently told,” Get over it, get on with your life.” They’re frequently inspired to quit being so pessimistic and to face life with a positive attitude. Or perhaps they’re given 1 or 2 Bible verses by a well intended friend. The world doesn’t want to hear from them”I’m depressed.”

An Answer

Is there an answer, can I really have a breakthrough from the demons that grip them? I’m so uninterested in living this way. I’m Depressed!

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