Rabbi Teaches Jewish Prosperity To All

There is no question that religious tradition can teach us the very deepest values,”timeless tools” as Rabbi Celso calls them. “These tools were here before we got here and will be here after we are all gone, so we might as well use them,” says Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn Author of The Bestselling Secrets of Jewish Wealth Revealed!

Prosperity Lifestyle 101

“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Our thinking sets the course for our lives. If we find we are not living the abundant life Jesus died to give us, we must examine our thought life. In order to prosper God’s way, our thoughts must agree with His Word. The words we are exposed to on a daily basis have a huge impact on our thinking. And the condition of our minds determines the condition of our lives.

Discovering How to Face Loss in Your Life

Death is a hard subject to communicate about. It’s even more hard to face, especially if you’ve got no concept what is waiting “on the other side”. It is a generally held belief that all good people go to heaven, while very unpleasant folk, like Hitler, Stalin and Bin Laden go to hell. But if there is no certainty, the possible can be quite scaring In addition to an unknown destination after death, there's masses of other things that make death hard to address. Death means separation; separation from buddies and relatives, from things one enjoys and well…everything.

How to Forgive Yourself and Feel Set Free

People continually think that it needs a lot of tricky work or that it is hard to forgive. Fundamentally it is way easier than you’ll think to forgive anbother person. There’s also a pleasure to forgiving that arrives once we have surrendered our life to God. The act of forgiveness releases the obligations of our heart to a larger power, freeing us to have a heart of joy and excitement. Discovering how to frogive yourself is a step toward a life of liberty.

Fear of Intimacy – Is That My Partner?

Ever had your heart hurt by someone? Most of us would answer yes. Infrequently our hearts are hurt to such a degree we start building walls around our damaged heart in-order-to provide protection from a future hurt. Our heart can be damaged in a noticeably emotional way and even in a physical way. Having emotional discomfort can certainly lead directly to fear of intimacy where we are constantly safeguarding our heart from anymore discomfort and we are keeping others out.

Am I Depressed – Find Out

I wonder what quantity of people have thought am I depressed, I’m aware That I have way too many times in my life. I know others have and since you are here I imagine you are asking this at the moment. The answer for me was, yes I am. There were indications of my depressed, for example, shortage of energy, fear, stress, anxiety, straightforward task seem to be overwhelming, absence of sleep or too much sleep, no motivation, etc.

How to Deal With Guilt – Dealing With Life’s Issues

I am not a big fan of guilt. It’s annoying! Each time I turn around, something is sneaking round the corner that makes me feel guilty. What I eat “or should not, how much I exercise – or don’t , folks I should have called “but did not and things I should have done today but left until tomorrow “or later on. The list is never ending and so is the guilt and I know I am not alone in what I’m experiencing.

Forgiving Yourself – Living a Life Set Free

On a recent morning as I strolled on the beach watching an impossible to believe sun-rise I became forgiveness by God’s forgiveness. It was just like the colours of the sun-rise were revealing tome His unending forgiveness in my life. I began to think about how flawed I am , my constant need for His compassion and the hurt I cause Him by the misdeeds in my life.