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All of us know those moms who like to throw a few back. Some of them openly have a few libations and the closet drinkers carry their own sippy cups around town. Motherhood can certainly drive us to irrational behaviors, but it’s not the best idea to abuse alcohol. Before you have your next 12 noon happy hour, take a look at this information.Recent research has conveyed that sugar may be just as addictive as heroine. If you consider yourself a recovering alcoholic, a functional alcoholic, or just a heavy drinker who has always struggled with occasional alcohol abuse, you may want to look at the possibility that you may actually be addicted to sugar.[

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If you see a little of yourself in this message, you’re not alone. Many describe themselves as sugar addicts. They believe if it were only for that one thing, then they could reach their weight loss goals. If you believe only one thing stands in your way of losing weight, consider this: What if that one thing (an addiction to sugar for instance) were gone? Do you really believe, “If I could get past this, there is no doubt that I will reach my goal,” or is it an easy excuse to stay stuck?If I told you I could show you a way to stop craving sugar, would you want me to show you how? Think about that for a moment. Close your eyes and really think it through. You’ve said if only you didn’t crave sugar, then you could lose weight, but is that really true for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Sugar tends to affect the same part of the brain that heroine, cocaine, and other hard drugs do when a person uses them. The two main neurotransmitters involved with sugar addiction are serotonin and beta endorphins. We think of serotonin as the depression hormone, but it’s also responsible for concentration, attention, and impulse control. When your serotonin levels are lower, you may become less able to say “no.” Beta endorphins are that feel good chemical that is released after exercise, but this neurotransmitter is also associated with self esteem. Those with lower levels of beta endorphins who have excellent insight and are well accomplished might still have great difficulty with self esteem.

Here’s what I did instead. I experimented with “sugar-free” goodies. In moderate doses.It helped, believe me. Temptation was greatly reduced because sugar-free candy is harder to find than the regular kind, and the selection isn’t quite as yummy either.Once I made the commitment to forego all sugar, it was easy. Eating sugar was not an option, yet I knew if I wanted a treat, I could get it later (or sometimes even bring it along). It’s easy to say “no” when the answer is clear. It’s much harder to negotiate portions, at least for me.

The holidays are over and with them the unrelenting onslaught of sugar-filled goodies. You know those treats aren’t good for you but you probably couldn’t resist them. How about a fresh start, though? Now may be the perfect time to start coming to grips with your sugar addiction. Because there will be more sugar even if it isn’t quite a ubiquitous as it was during the prime of the holiday season.Why? Sugar can hurt you. If you have diabetes or even pre-diabetes, a season filled with sugary stuff can push you over the top and cause serious damage. If you’re working at managing your weight, sugar addiction will definitely make your weight creep in the wrong direction. Unless, of course, you find a way off the roller coaster. If you haven’t managed to do so before candied plums and company start making their entry, at least give it a shot now that the worst is over.

Here’s the way I have weaned myself off sugar.First of all, for many of us, sugar is addictive. Period. Just accept it. You eat it, you want more. That’s what it used to be like for me. Still is. Except I don’t eat sugar anymore, and so I no longer have a problem.So, hard as it may seem, the easiest way to get off that roller coaster is to quit cold turkey. But you knew that and you didn’t want to read THAT here, so I’m not going to stop there.

There’s no reason you should have to put up with being so stressed that you feel the urge to self-medicate with sugar or cigarettes. Get the information you need to effectively get rid of excess stress right now. Just click on the link for Elisabeth Kuhn’s FREE stress-busting strategies report and reclaim your inner calm, like countless others have done before you.It’s a known fact that sugar contributes to obesity. High blood sugar, the result of eating large amounts of sugar, leads to the need for the body to store that extra sugar, and that storage occurs as fat, which most often leads to an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some cancers.

Just make a real commitment to forego actual sugar and it becomes surprisingly easy not to fall off the wagon. You know you can still indulge, after all, just not then and there, unless you came prepared, which I actually recommend.Secondly, most of these sugar-free goodies don’t quite trigger the physiological addiction the way sugar does. For me anyway, I was able to stop at a couple of candies when they were sugar-free, while sugar would have triggered the vicious cycle of eating more of it, and wanting it more often too.

There are studies that claim children today, because of their eating habits, might not have the life span of their parents. Don’t let that happen to the ones you love.Are you and your family addicted to sugar and other refined products that can alter your health. If you and they are, I urge you to learn all you can about making changes in your daily eating routine.This makes me sad and of course I worry about my grandchildren and their friends. That’s why I have spent the last couple years researching studies done about health and eating. I have been writing articles, studying reports, publishing information and gaining attention on the issue of changing eating habits. It’s all in hopes people will become aware of how their daily food intake can effect their health.

Having had my first heart attack at 48, in 1985, and eventually having more attacks and trips to the hospital to have a total of 6 stents* inserted in my heart, I began a pilgrimage to improve my health.A stent is a small metal mesh tube that acts as a scaffold to provide support inside your coronary artery. A balloon catheter, placed over a guide wire, is used to insert the stent into the narrowed coronary artery.Presently I am 74, thankful for the stents to give me better heart health and for the extensive research I’ve done to learn about the power of food to heal. I’ve come to believe that good nutrition can increase all areas of your life such as energy, awareness, inhibit and/or delay Alzheimer’s, and make living longer a joy filled experience.It isn’t just about looking good, it’s about living longer and healthier. It’s about having healthier children and especially about not having your children live less years than you. Think about it.

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