The Truth Behind Lucid Dreaming

If you dream and you know that you are dreaming, it is known as lucid dreaming, despite the fact that you may be dreaming of doing something that is impossible, such as flying. You always know when you are having a lucid dream, and it is this knowledge that is the most significant difference between lucid and regular dreaming.

Lucid dreaming can be compared to figuring out that you are dreaming because you wake up inside of the dream. Many people are doubtful of a lucid dream. They do not think that it is possible to conscious or aware while a dream is going on. Lucid dreaming is very controversial. It is often looked on with the same regard as crystal reading and other similar occurrences.

Many believers of lucid dreaming believe that science is involved. An EEGs study was monitored closely. Some subjects seemed to make movements with their eyelids when the were experiencing lucid dreams. The researchers are convinced that this shows that this dream state does exist thanks to the brain activity that was shown during REM sleep.

The idea of lucid dream may be debatable, but it can be even more challenging to think that some people can control their dreams. There are scientist that agree with this while others disagree. There are clubs around that people who are interested in lucid dreaming can join. There are even machines and other types of devices that can be bought to help people induce lucid dreams.

Not so long ago, lucid dreams were believed to be in the realm of the paranormal and the subject was mentioned along with other psychic or mystical topics. However an increasing number of people believe in it and are more than ready to try to convince other people to give it a try for themselves. Whether lucid dreaming continues to remain a passing fad or becomes more widely accepted remains to be seen.

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