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Most people look forward to going away on holiday and a lot of people like to make complex plans and bookings. After all you frequently have to make allowances for flights and hotels. However, there can also be car, sightseeing and bicycle bookings as well, depending on the category of holiday you want.

As an alternative to a hotel, you might want to think about hiring a private cottage. Cottage rentals are a good option to a hotel or guest house. In general, cottage holidays are self-catering, so you would have to be ready to put in a little more work than if you went on an all-inclusive hotel stay. A small cottage on the coast in an isolated setting would suit many people, but a vacation cottage on the coast might be better for others.

If you pick the right spot, you can have whatever type of cottage you want. Go to the coast if you like sailing or snorkeling. A coastal resort setting would offer more night life most likely. If you fancy a quieter fishing holiday with canoing or boating, a quiet lakeside retreat would be more appropriate. Then there are mountain retreats and several other degrees of solitude and nightlife too.

If you would like to visit museums and other touristic sights, you should select a location near an appropriate city. It just requires a little forward preparation and thought.

We live in Wales and there are thousands of rental cottages of all types in all manner of locations. If you have a big family, you could hire several cottages close to each there and live in a kind of old fashioned community. There are also modern camps like ‘Center Parcs’ which have hundreds of very modern cottages in small groups of four or five so that families or friends can stay in a group together.

These contemporary cottages are very luxurious, with Jacuzzis, swirl baths, large flat screen televisions and all manner of entertainment equipment and satellite TV. The cottages are set in acres of woodland and wildlife abounds. There are deer, badgers, foxes, squirrels and dozens of types of birds including kingfishers, geese, ducks and swans.

The swimming pools are completely heated and go inside and outside into the woods, so that even in the middle of winter you remain warm. There is also archery, boating and hiking with many courses of differing hardship to follow. It is great to walk in the forest knowing that you cannot get lost with animals around every corner.

The wildlife is used to human company, so much or it is not scared and they come right up to you if you stop for a picnic. These holidays are not so cheap as going to a self-catering private holiday, but they are safe, especially for young families.

You can find cottage rentals through a travel agent, but you can also find them by searching in your local newspaper. These are some of the best finds because the cottages might be only a few hours drive away, but that is far enough to make a big change. You do not really need to get on a plane to have a great vacation with a difference.

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