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Many of the classic games from yesteryear like online jigsaw and puzzle games are enjoyed by people both young and old for various reasons. One of the biggest ones in is that they challenge our minds. We can sharpen what we think of and training ourselves to become professionals at figuring out puzzle games and other types of mind use games. It is no wonder why most of these games have become pastimes for many who use the computer every day. Many of the popular games of the past have interesting beginnings and some experts are still not sure when they were created.

One type of puzzle game to talk about is the jigsaw puzzle. It was invented by an Englishman named john Spilsbury who at the time one is and engraver and mapmaker. This game was created and really well as not known until a few days after this Englishman used it for teaching his geography class. It started this way and took different states and continents and cut them out of wood and could easily have students put it back together the right way. One interesting about it is that all the pieces of every part of the world itself that was known to man had to be cut out by hand with a scroll saw some of the day called it a fretsaw.

If we move a little further into history, there is another extremely popular puzzle game called Rubiks cube. This game craze started in 1974 and was created by the Hungarian sculptor who did so in his free time. In 1980 the inventor sold the rights to the ideal toy company and the company renamed it the name it is today. This too late is still said in some forums on the Internet that it is to be the worlds best selling toy ever.

This was a huge feat to accomplish and many tried to fashion a similar toy to try to take some of the market away from the inventor at the time.

You simply cannot have a conversation about online games without mentioning the crossword puzzle. Now this puzzle game was invented in 1913 and originally they were called crossed puzzles instead of crossword.

The crossword puzzle games really took off in 1924 and really has not slowed down since newspapers and other publications putting this game in for readers to figure out, have helped make the game popular throughout the years.

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