How To Stop A Runny Nose Easily And Quickly

To stop a runny nose once it has become a problem there are a few simple steps that can be taken. There are some common medications that can be used, such as antihistamines and nasal spray. Some not so common treatments, such as ginger root and garlic, also offer a short term fix when learning how to stop a runny nose.

The most common way to alleviate this annoying problem is to take a basic antihistamine. They are available in spray or pill form, and can be bought over the counter or obtained through a prescription from a medical provider. Either way, though, antihistamines cause drowsiness.

Using an over the counter nasal spray can help alleviate symptoms at night so sleep is possible. However, the side effects from these medications can cause more problems later on, so never use them more than three days in a row. A better option is to get a prescription nasal spray and follow the directions given on the bottle.

A home remedy version of a nasal spray is using a small eye dropper and a mixture of water and salt, or to use mustard oil. The head is tilted back and a few drops of salt water solution are placed into the nose. Once it has been allowed to pool in the nasal cavity, it is then blown, effectively washing out the excess mucus which causes a runny nose.

Dry air can also become an issue because it will cause more inflammation. A humidifier will eliminate the dry air by replacing it with moist, circulated air. This will cause a decrease in the mucus that is being formed.

Hot steam is an easy way to duplicate the results of a humidifier. Water is boiled and then placed into a vase or pitcher from which it is breathed in by using long, slow, deep breathing. The mucus formed inside of the cavities will be dislodged, allowing it to be easily blown out.

Eating spicy food is common solution to stop this common problem. The cayenne pepper and ginger found within these types of food will increase the amount of mucus expelled. This will flush out the system for a short time, alleviating the problem for a few hours.

Chewing ginger root and garlic will increase the circulation. This increase in circulation will decrease the amount of mucus produced. Of course these are also only a temporary fix to the problem.

The immune system of the body is one of the most important aspects to be considered. Increasing healthy foods, especially high in vitamin C, will help boost the system. Regular exercise will also help boost the natural immunities in the body, as will staying well hydrated. A runny nose will cause the body to dehydrate, so plenty of water needs to be ingested.

The final step to stop a runny nose is to avoid factors that will complicate the issue. Avoid drinking cold water. Avoid smoking or second hand smoke. Also avoid areas that are extremely dry, such as being outside on a hot day.

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