How to Lose Weight: You Don’t Need to be Fat!

Sure, that statement might be politically incorrect… but it’s also true.

Before you start on a weight loss program here’s what you need to do:

1. Make a Decision and set up your weight loss target. Take stock of your current situation. How important is it for you to be slimmer? And what will it mean to your life to be pounds lighter?

Don’t be too ambitious (you can always adjust the target later). Do you have a special event coming up? A wedding, birthday celebration, prom, special date etc. Don’t be too timid. It’s only a matter of controlling what goes into your mouth.

2. Measure: where are you right now? What is your Basal Metabolic Rate *(BMR)? How long have you been over-weight?  How does your current weight compare with your body type? (Body Mass Index) -there are simple checks you can make.

Set up a weekly chart for the year. On each designated day of the week (e.g. a Monday) record your weight, plus if doing any exercise. dieting etc., record these details also. As the weeks go by you will be able to see your progress. This is an extremely strong motivation and confidence builder.

3. Check with your Doctor: is there any reason that you should NOT begin a weight loss strategy? Check your heart, blood pressure, overall health etc.

4. Choose a course of action that is right for you and your circumstances. Making a decision to act is one of the most powerful things you can do. All else follows from this one thing. Then you need to make an agreement with your mind (your greatest enemy in making changes to your life). It will still be caught up in its old ways and habits.

5. Clean up Your Act: begin a detox diet. This alone will show you great results – depending on how healthy you are to begin with. It may well be the secret to some amazing progress in your weight-loss goals.

6. Find a Weight-loss Partner to work with: get someone who shares the same goals and compare notes with them, exercise with them, discuss various diets with them etc. This can’t be too hard given that the US has some of the most over-weight population on earth.

Each partner helps keep the other up to the mark and what’s more, you can share ideas, progress, new diets etc with them.

7. Other than your Weight loss partner: keep your goals to yourself. Talking to others about your dreams and goals invites scepticism and doubt. This can quickly demoralize you and rob you of your confidence and momentum.

Keep this firmly in mind: the battle is won in the mind first. Once you win this battle, all else follows. Believe you can lose the weight and you are well on the way to success.

* Basal Metabolic Rate: this is how many calories you burn every day, while your body is at rest. It varies depending on several things: age, height, weight and gender

Gerard Mann is a dedicated weight loss system reviewer and sceptic who has seen a lot of weight loss scams as well as some real gems. You can get a free selection of helpful weight loss articles, motivating tips and tricks plus find out your Body Mass index and get more information and all the nuts and bolts on your Basal Metabolic Rate and how you can use this to speed up your weight loss. Go to

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