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  1. Lovewithoutbountary says:

    You look beautiful.

  2. bellanova101 says:

    congrates on your weight loss! I am barely starting one myself..started June 3

    love yourself and respect others!

  3. caseysargent says:

    I lost 20 pounds and have more energy. All I did was used Exact Acai. You should really try it. youcanloseweight. webs. com

  4. nickymaroun says:

    Isn’t she beautiful everyone.

    I can see such a wonderful person shine thorugh those photos

    Despite how she lost the weight, be happy there is one less depressed person as a result of our addiction to food.

    If you’ve tried to lose weight many many times but haven’t given into surgery (just yet) good for you but at least just be happy for this gorgeous beautiful women

    I am.

  5. ZELDALINKX123 says:

    Wow, you look amazing! (:

  6. chrisfischerxxx says:

    good job i am on my way tooo

  7. DeterminedtoLooseXXX says:

    your actually amazing!!
    a true miracle in my eyes!!!

  8. HOLY SHIT!!!! this is one of the coolest weightloss vids ever

  9. mirrorofdreams1 says:

    You are gorgeous! Congrats on having the courage to change.

  10. amhiggs17 says:

    congrats! you look great!

  11. lexie14ycats says:

    incredible =D

  12. stampy7777 says:

    Well done if you want to keep that weight off ive heard simpleweightlossukdotcom are running a fantastic offer at the moment

  13. EllenAista says:

    You look incredible, you are such an inspiration! Your hard work has paid off 🙂

  14. SweetlyPerplxing says:

    There are many people who have weight loss surgery and do not lose the weight. What people don’t seem to understand is you STILL have to exercise and eat better. The only thing the surgery does is alleviate the constant hunger that many overweight people experience. I know people who have had the surgery and it’s still very difficult. The surgery is just a tool, and for many people a necessary one. Congrats on your success! 🙂

  15. xXVanillaBlueXx says:

    Then where is the proof… at least she is putting herself out there. She is healthy now, thats all that matters, not HOW she did it, but THAT she did it.

  16. saycheesenow says:

    what a joke you lost notting but the op did it sll

  17. flamingnutsacc says:

    wow! amazing! I bet you feel GREAT!
    I’m happy for you!

  18. xXxOnnaxXx says:

    why is there a xmas tree up in october lol

    well done btw!!!

    an inspiration


  19. Congratulations! You look great:) It’s really inspiring!

  20. pennylanecs says:

    this is truely amazing!
    ( :

  21. Gamburujo says:

    Before you slate this brave lady maybe you should realise that YOU were overweight in the first place too.
    No matter what way she did it, she did and it worked for her.
    Good on you girl 🙂

  22. StephanieD1973 says:

    I think you look fabulous. it does not matter how you lost it but that you did it for yourself and your family. myself im to scared to do the surgery so im doing it the old fashion way. i have so far have lost 20 lbs. keep up the good work.

  23. underkatt says:

    congratulations, you look really happy and healthy 🙂

  24. As much as I am glad you got to lose the weight so fast and turn your life around, this is really not an inspiration for me. It’s more like a “good for you.” Sort of like liposuction, except extreme. But in any case, congratulations on the weight loss. As for me, I’m heading to the gym now for some good cardio :]

  25. adrianna5746 says:

    You cheated your way out. You couldn’t do it on your own so you got an operation. Just like my mother. Nothing but cheaters. Try going to the gym and eating right. That’s just what I did. I have lost a total of 40lbs. It’s hard but I didn’t take the easy way out. Your not a inspiration at all. Inspiration would be myself. Working my ass and doing the hard and right way. Sorry but it’s the truth.

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