How to Lose Weight at Home for FREE (Diet & Exercise Plan)

Go to if you want to LOOK GOOD NAKED! To lose weight at home – make sure you do the weight loss workout in the video on the left (of course!) and also… To lose weight – Go to and follow the 8 EZ diet rules while doing the weight loss workout and… For more tips on How to lose weight – go to for 31 fast weight loss tips that really work and please leave comments if you need help but… It’s best that you just go to and ask me for …

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  1. copiedname234 says:

    the balls for the buckets like u grab one from the first bucket and run to the second bucket then run to the first one again grab one put it in the second bucket and so on

  2. stellz999 says:

    You Sound Nice But What Where The Balss Forr >? x

  3. illRuinYourLife says:

    my mother died 2 months ago

  4. runescrule says:

    learn to spell and learn spelling,, ROFL…. there isnt no difference at all go suck ur mama

  5. illRuinYourLife says:

    just cause u say learn spelling that doesn’t mean i’m going to listen and plus i can probably spell better than u any ways

    o and by the way the term is LEARN TO SPELL

    you retarded fat ass

    conversation is done and over

  6. runescrule says:

    learn spelling

  7. GoofyGoofyPeople says:

    dude. learn spelling.

  8. jordanlach says:

    i got told just eat healty and work out 6 days of the week for a hour so i just jog for 30 minutes 10 min break then go another 30 seems to do me well

  9. JRAUSTIN94 says:

    ugh! is to much work

  10. FlickerspeedToons says:

    i’ve herd of this type of exercie b4.. but does it really work?.. any of u tried it, please reply i need honest answers.

  11. illRuinYourLife says:

    omg same here if you take a luk at my video
    thats what i luk like now and i wanna luk 3 times smaller

  12. inshape4u says:

    yes you can lose weight before school doing this

  13. xAngelxFallenx says:

    LOL yeah im going to school in a month 2 and i got fat so i wanna lose weight lolXD

  14. PinkCupcake41 says:

    i am going to school in a month if i keep doing this will i lose lot of weight

  15. xAngelxFallenx says:

    oh yeah umm ..
    how long do u think it will take me to lose about 20 pounds with the workout i told u ?
    oh yeah and ill be doing that workout 4 times a day once at 9 AM the 12AM then 3PM and last 9PM >? it would be very kind if u told me but i wouldnt mind if not so could u plz just estimate n tell me ?

  16. xAngelxFallenx says:

    LOL ight man Appreciate man 😀

  17. inshape4u says:

    of course!!!

  18. xAngelxFallenx says:

    HEY wasup..
    i was just wondering waht if i run on a tredmill for 30 secs then rest for 30 secs and do that intill i get to 20 mins ? will that work

  19. okay so i am 10 and 165 pounds I need to lose at least 1-2 (i am trying to lose weight 4 school which is like in 3 weeks) because if you lose more it is very unhealthy!! please go to my page and comment your ideas thank you oh yeah and i am 5 feet 2 inches

  20. asir1234567 says:

    alright i want to know if my plan will work
    im gonna run 20 minutes in the morning
    and 20 after school
    in my P.E class our coach makes us run on mondays and wednesdays and fridays(the bikes) and on tuesdays/thurdays we work out
    so ill do that as exercise
    and only eat 3 small portions a day and fruit and water

    can someone tell me if this would work and how much pounds can i loose doing this exercise

  21. inshape4u says:

    go to my website

  22. yourdayga says:

    Look im 13years old and my height is 6ft. 7in. And i weigh 312 yet I dont look fat at all. But i want to be 280lbs. I love to play football yet i need to lose weight in order to play on Offense and Defense. Can anyone help???

  23. webkinzagdproduction says:

    I am 10 and over weight I really wanna lose weight.I don’t like running.Does anyone have any Ideas?

  24. XxLuckyCherryxX says:

    Hi, uhm while running, you can listen your ipod / mp3 or get someone u know who also want to lose weight doing it with u so u wont easily get bored

  25. StopDuckHating says:

    So what?

    59kg doesnt mean anything … im 18 and weight 117kg which is just about 2x youre weight, and im ripped … no fat at all

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