Muscle Mass?

im 17 years old and i just began working out. i weigh about 150lbs and im just curious if theres any sort of protein or supplements that you guys use or have used that helped build muscle mass quicker. Also i plan on working out 40 minuts a day, mon-thurs. if i stay with this workout how long do you think it would take to see results?

p.s. my workout is mostly for my arms, cuz im skinny
im about 5’9 – 5’10

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  1. delaroche says:

    don’t workout 4 days straight. never do more than 2 consecutive days. your muscles grow in the rest days, not while working out. make sure you do your entire body as well, doing other parts increases the amount of growth hormone released into your system (especially legs).

    look up some body building sites for some splits for workout routines.

    if you do everything correctly, generally it’s around 6 weeks that you’ll notice a difference

  2. How tall are you? you will see moderate results pretty quick, just go your own pace

  3. chocolat_depp609 says:

    GNC is a good brand.
    & you never know how long it takes to see results because everyone is different.

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