How to Incorporate Skipping Rope into your Routine

Skipping rope is probably one of the most effective ways of training your body. Unfortunately, it is very seldom used and quite often completely overlooked.

Jumping rope isn’t an easy thing to do. To be able to do it effectively you need to have great timing and rhythm. You need to have great balance and coordination. You need to be in great cardiovascular shape. Most importantly, you need to have great mental focus.

Even though things can be tough at first, slowly adding skipping rope exercises to your training program will definitely help improve the areas listed. Your capacity to focus will improve. Your balance and timing will develop. Your overall level of fitness will increase dramatically.

But there is only one problem: skipping can get a little bit boring.

I’ve skipped for a long time and found that adding a bit of variation into your skipping routine does wonders for your body. A great number of skipping rope exercises exist to help get you out of your boredom. At the end of the day, it’s all about variation.

The best ways to incorporate variation into your routine is to start playing around with new combinations. Try changing up the pace. Play around with some new foot patterns. Learn how to do double jumps and side skips for transition. Tons of options are available.

I’d have to say that one of the most effective skipping rope exercises I use is the side rope swing. This is a very simple variation that is used mostly for transitioning from one variation to another. It also helps relieve tension that has built up in your arms from extensive skipping.

The idea is to constantly challenge yourself. The benefits of skipping rope are too grand to pass up on. Add variation to your routine and continue pushing forward. Your body will thank you.

If you enjoyed the skipping variation provided, then you should check out this extensive list of skipping rope exercises that you can effectively use right away.

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