How to Choose a Great Personal Trainer

Fitness trainers running a personal training business often make mistakes when it comes to billing their clients. Since exercise professionals are passionate about education, and not savvy at collecting money, they tend not to do what is best when it comes to setting up a client billing structure.
So what is the best, most effective way a personal trainer should bill their clients? Many professionals think billing per session, or offering a package of sessions is the only way to go. This is far from the truth. When looking closer at your
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training business why not eliminate yourself as a money collector so you can, instead, focus your energy on training clients.

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It is purely for this reason why a number of companies are bringing out home exercise machines. Whether it is treadmills or personal trainers, if you have one at home, the very fact that you see it once in a while will prompt you to use it. With all these machines costing quite a packet, it becomes a big job to choose the right one for us. There are machines that retail at just a few hundred dollars while others cost a few thousand. The million dollar question is “Which one should I buy”.

The easiest way to decide this is to do a bit of research on them. If you are reading this, it means that you are already doing this, but you need to get varied opinions and going to a number of different sites is better than just sticking with one. If you want to go with a personal trainer, you first need to fix in your mind what your ultimate goal is. In fact it is best to join a gym for a couple of months just so that you can get this fixed in your mind. The reason you do this is very important and we will discuss this below.

* Tournament or fight preparation – For competitive martial artists, boxers, kickboxers, or mixed martial artists a personal trainer can help get you ready to step into the ring or cage! A plan of action is needed before the actual event, as well as lots of motivation and encouragement.
* Complete, full body fitness – In a private training session a martial arts trainer can focus on unique fitness routines and get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you prefer to be surprised and let your trainer keep you guessing or you have a particular group of exercises you favor, a fitness-oriented workout through the martial arts may be a better and more diverse workout then you can get at the gym! Strength, cardio, flexibility, balance, coordination, body unity, confidence, and well-being await you through a martial arts workout!

I encourage you to make a paradigm shift in your personal training business, and start incorporating short term, as well as better priced long term agreements. Doing so will be a win-win situation for both you, and your client. Operating a successful fitness business is about working smarter, not harder.

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