Wed 11/11 Thanksgiving and Dieting – FOOD: Eat the food!!

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  1. remember, leftovers leftovers leftovers…same thing, ok, portions control. I stopped over eating on Thanksgiving, it is an awful feeling, getting sleepy, then wake up and eat again, such a bad routine…I enjoy cooking Thanksgiving

  2. what date is thanksgiving?

    I cant eat turkey or gravy etc cause I’m vegetarian… but I pig out on potatoes… I hate potato salad before… mmmmm potato saladddddddddd…

  3. lol omg i soo agreee! EAT! 🙂 but just watch ur portions . im not gonna be chewing on a damn celery stick while everyone is stuffing their faces lol . i love ur personality 🙂

  4. trickychicksoda…what i meant to say..not eat anything/everything..but eat what you want but in portions..and enjoy life..if you like it..if you want som cake it..if you want ice cream it..

  5. Thank you; helps to keep it down to one day for sure! Why does celebration have to be linked with gluttony? Hhmmm….change those patterns!

  6. I love getting in line at the family buffet and looking at how piled up everyone elses plates are and how portioned mine is. Some people have no…NO…self control.

  7. not everyone can follow that plan. i’d have to be in the gym 8 hours a day if i could eat anything/everything i wanted!

  8. so my plan of eating an entire turkey is a bad idea?!? 😛 Thanks for the vid, young one. I enjoyed.

  9. i eat everything ..then go workout..thats it folks****** you guys are putting to much stress on yourself

  10. Everything in moderation.. I agree. It is definitely about my own will power and telling myself am I still hungry or do I just want to be a frumpy dumpy piggy haha

  11. The holidays are most definitely a free pass. But I mean the holidays, not the holidays’ week or month. A handful of days a year where there’s absolutely no worrying is more than enough to keep one’s mind at ease. So I say, go nuts.

    (Unless, of course, you’re the type that can not immediately go back to a normal schedule after such a deviation. If so, then I’m sorry.)

  12. With my familly, its always the skinny people who don’t eat the junk like pie, etc… the heavier ones are the ones that eat…. I don’t feel odd not eating with family arond , holidays should be about people, not food, but I agree with making healthier versions of holiday food.

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