How To Achieve A Promotion Quickly

Acquiring a promotion at your job is a bit more about mindset than people are willing to accept. Having just the right mixture of idealism, and the capacity to aggressively pursue a goal all the while ignoring setbacks is the truly critical factors in getting a career promotion. If you do not happen to feel that these things serve as accurate descriptors of your individual personality don’t worry: despite what some people would have you believe, one’s personality is not set in stone.

getting a promotion is more about modifying your personality or mind to effortlessly perform at a higher level of productivity and performing in a focused manner the higher priority tasks that are truly needed than it is about outwardly trying to make a few modest changes in your environment. We’ll call this chore mental triaging. The goal is to re-assess what tasks you perform every day that are the most fruitful, and avoiding altogether, as much as humanly possible, the ones that yield the least.

I have a tip for this personality triaging. Usually long-term highest yielding the chores that are the important are, in fact, the ones that are most challenging for people to get started on. If you are having difficulty getting a start on a difficult task, rather than spending time doing the less helpful tasks like checking email more than twice a day give permission to yourself to do literally nothing in lieu of meaningless busy work. You’ll often find that doing absolutely nothing is much more challenging than doing something, and if you force your mind to only utilize either the option between doing absolutely nothing at all and doing only your high priority tasks you will slowly but surely become more skilled at focusing on the high priority goals.

We have discussed single most important part of getting a promotionand indeed, not surprisingly, that’s employing your time wisely and working hard. The next important aspect is the one that people place a far too much emphasis on, but that is schmoozing with the people in upper management. Do your very best to avoid bragging in any form when they happen to be around, because even if it does not seem inappropriate it ties the mental reward of your hard work to social recognition.

Working only for the social recognition is the best way to condition yourself for easy discouragement. It will tether your brain’s reward mechanisms to the approval of others (who may or may not appreciate hard work). Avoiding talking about your achievements forces you to discuss things that are outside of immediate work.

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