How a courier gets your package from A to B

Many companies send out large volumes of packages and yet have little comprehension as to how the delivery process works. Couriers regularly find themselves dealing with people who can’t seem to understand how a package sent out at 5pm hasn’t arrived at its destination by 9am the following day.

With better comprehension of the delivery process, this becomes less of an issue. To get a parcel from Point A to Point B isn’t too difficult, but when a courier transports so many packages every day, you begin to get an idea of the complexity of the operation. The person who picks up the parcel doesn’t take it directly to the intended recipient.

The first thing that happens is that the parcel is collected. You don’t have to go to an office, you can book the collection and a driver will come and get your parcel from the office or wherever. The driver will give you a tracking number which you can use to monitor the progress of your delivery.

Having taken your package and many others as well, your driver will return to his depot. Here, all packages are sorted. Those that are for local delivery will go out the following morning. Those for other destinations will be sorted and transported to either a central hub or another local depot.

International deliveries are taken to the airport, from where they will be sent to delivery hubs in other countries. Other packages will make the return journey and they are then distributed to the appropriate local delivery depots, perhaps via the national hub.

The last step in the delivery process involves the packages being sorted and loaded onto the relevant delivery vans. These drivers are typically the same ones who make the collections in the area, as each is responsible for all packages originating or ending up in a particular geographic area.

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