What are essential vitamin supplements for women to take?

I have heard from dr.’s that a muti-vitamin is not necessary. I have heard to take a calcium supplement and a few other vitamins. I forgot what they were though! Can any smart people out there help me out with the essential daily vitamin supplements that women around 25 should take?

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  1. Hi

    People, including doctors are still divided over whether we should take vitamins. I believe we should and you’re at the perfect age to start. Our bodies are designed to self heal (and stay healthy) and they do that perfectly well when they receive the necessary amounts of micro nutrients they need daily. Most people today don’t take in the right amount of nutrients hence the every increasing rates of degenerative disease at earlier and earlier ages (cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc etc) not to mention all the environmental stressors that negatively impact on our bodies.

    A person your age should take a quality multi ingredient health supplement as an ongoing preventative health-care measure (investment in your health) but make sure the amounts of vitamins and minerals are in small doses – not the ridiculous over the top doses contained in almost all supplements in the market, including the market leaders.

    Vitamins/minerals are the cheapest ingredients in supplements- providing a lot of profit to the manufacturers (I know because I worked in the supplement industry). What you really want in a (science-based) supplement are lots of high potency phytonutrients and herbal extracts with proven disease fighting/preventing capabilities and minimal amounts of vitamins and minerals along with some amino acids, female support nutrients, enzymes and some important specialty nutrients like L- Glutathione etc (i.e. a balanced full spectrum of micronutrients).

    Do not take calcium unless you have been diagnosed with a deficiency. If so buy it on its own – calcium is cheap. Same applies for iron.

    Do not take other vitamins in isolation – this is unwise and can be dangerous. Buy a supplement formulated by a qualified bioscientist – then you know everything is in the right amounts and balanced correctly with appropriate cofactors to ensure high efficacy.

    Menstruation, pregnancy and menopause play an important role in determining what nutrients women need. Hormonal balance is integral for well-being in women. The safest way to re-balance a women’s body is to provide it with specialized nutrients in the form of hormonal precursors.

    5 key hormone precursors are: Black Cohosh , Red Clover , Dong Quai , Wild Yam and Isoflavones. These should be in your vitamin supplement.

    For more info view this resource page about vitamins for women:

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