Greatest Acne Treatments – Prevention and Cures Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Acne is a skin condition that merely refuses to disappear. It is a nagging skin ailment that we commonly call pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, red or yellow spots, cystic nodules or scars. The acne prone age is between 12 and 25 years. But beware; it’s not just a teen hassle. Even in your 30s and 40s you may get acne attacks. Acne can cause long term scars, if not treated. Hence, it is vital to be proactive about acne treatment, beginning right from home remedies. Acne treatment essentially entails the use of both preventive and curative goods.

Preventive products

The natural way to keep off acne starts at home. If you wish to keep off acne, adhere to this home treatment attentively and make sure of great results.

– Keep your face spotless clean, simply by washing it often with a gentle anti-bacterial cleanser or some home-made natural product – By no means make use of greasy, oil-based moisturizers – Never use products containing synthetic chemicals and vegetable oils – Keep your hair off your face – By no means dig or touch scars – Keep skin pores unclogged with products containing sulfur plus resorcinol

However, pregnant women, kids and patients under a few other medication, should consult a physician before they use such products.

Medication methods

The condition of your acne will figure out the treatment choices. Treatment also depends on the oil balance of your skin, your sex and your current medicines. Probably the most proactive acne treatment is with topical products (gels, creams) containing Salicylic acid, Benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, tetracycline, erythromycin or a retinoid. Many times a combination of these goods also works well.

Physicians likewise recommend oral medications such as antibiotics, hormones, and isotretinoins. Go for such acne treatment only after knowing the side effects.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment has totally cured many. Here the laser destroys the excess oil producing glands and removes scars. It is painless, harmless yet costly. Nevertheless, to be rid of the current acne you need medication.

Cystic treatment

Acute cystic acne needs cystic treatments with Accutane or isotretinoin. But, there are side effects. Since the majority of other treatments aren’t efficient on cystic acne, these severe products are inevitable. Chinese treatments

The Chinese method is a natural herbal acne treatment. They believe in getting to the root of the issue like liver ailments, emotional upsets, wind heat, damp heat, blood heat etc. “They even trace acne to factors like a stagnant qi (energy). Their natural goods do help many,” says dermatologist Dr Manela Humphrey. Peel power

TCA Peels are an simple, safe and inexpensive acne treatment. “They are also more effective compared to other clinic or spa-based treatments,” says salon expert Mary Roberts. Peels were earlier available only through costly treatments by skin specialists, at US$ 500- 1000 per session. These same peels are now easily available at less than US$30. No prescriptions are needed either.

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