Relaxation Chair Review Of The Sanyo RX 1 Relaxation Recliner

If you have looked at recliners lately, there is a new term which is being marketed. It is called the zero gravity recliner. Companies such as Sanyo have now come out with their own model of zero gravity recliners. The Sanyo RX-1 is the first attempt at a powered zero gravity recliner.

NASA discovered what is now become the zero gravity position. While conducting research on the best position for astronauts to be launched into space, NASA found the zero gravity position to be best. The idea behind this position is to better distribute the weight of the astronaut across the entire surface of their back. Before discovering this position, they tended to concentrate more pressure on the spine leading to greater fatigue.

The RX1 by Sanyo is the first such recliner to be released by them. It comes with a built-in remote control. The remote control is located underneath the right armrest.

The remote control has a powered chair back and leg rest. This allows you to adjust the chair back independently from the leg rest. Both of them are motorized and adjust at the touch of a button.

The design of this Sanyo model is contemporary but it is rather mundane. It comes with a small adjustable head pillow and a tilting head rest. The chair is mounted on a metal frame which is exposed at the bottom and contains casters for easy movement.

One of the main features of the remote control is a zero gravity position button. With the touch of a button you can go to a preprogrammed zero gravity position. Normally, I like features like this but the zero gravity angle which was preprogrammed was not very comfortable for me.

One novel feature in this recliner is the air compression massage system. This recliner comes with an air pump that distributes air out to seven different airbags. The airbags are located throughout the chair to provide compression massage to different parts of the body.

There are two programs for the air massage system. One is called stretch which has firm pressure and the other is relaxed which has gentle pressure. Just choose the program you wish and the chair performs the air massage.

The comfort of the chair is not too bad. It comes with real leather upholstery. There is a headrest which can be angled out from the chair as needed to support the head. Also there is a pillow which can be moved to support the neck.

The automatic zero gravity position for me felt a little strange. I did not like the angle of the chair and how my legs were bent. I just did not find that this was a comfortable position.

I found I was better off using the independent controls to find that the right chair back angle. I would then raise the leg rest to a position that felt more comfortable for me. The automatic position for zero gravity may be good for some but just wasn’t the right position for me.

One interesting feature of the chair is the home position button. This button allows you to reset the chair back to its upright position. At the touch of a single button, it will raise the chair back and lower the leg rest to its home position.

I was a little bit disappointed with the Sanyo RX-1 recliner. It certainly is not a cheap recliner and for the price I felt that some aspects of the design were not well thought out. Exposing the metal frame underneath the side panel is a little strange at best. The preprogrammed zero gravity position was not very comfortable and that is the whole point of this recliner. I think the Sanyo RX-1 is a good attempt but certainly is too pricey for the types of features it contains.

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