Getting a Promotion in a Troubled Economy

With the economy in crisis, and daily news of massive layoffs, many of us are worried about hanging on to our jobs.

Instead, perhaps we should be thinking about how we can minimize the time to our next promotion. After all, as the number of employees in a given organization shrinks, there are often increased opportunities for those who remain. Try these ten tips, and you may be promoted faster than you think.

1. Know the criteria on which employees are judged and evaluated. The more you know about what is important to your organization, the more you can rack up points.

2. Do everything you can to ensure the success of your boss. And, share the credit for your successes with him/her.

3. When you bring your boss problems, always bring solutions. In fact, make a reputation for yourself as a problem solver.

4. Be dependable. People who can be relied on are rewarded.

5. Seek out the toughest challenges and projects.

6. Good cheer and a positive attitude can take people a long way in the workplace. Never engage in gossip or criticism of colleagues. No exceptions.

7. Learn to accept praise modestly and to share the credit for your successes with others. Even more important; learn to accept and react to criticism without anger or resentment.

8. Continue to improve your skills and develop new ones. Work especially hard on acquiring valuable skills your colleagues do not have.

9. Organize yourself to maximize your output. Good organizational skills will be noticed, and will help you accomplish more.

10. Continue to develop and maintain good relationships with co-workers. Be as helpful to them as possible, and be quick to offer encouragement and praise.

Even in the very worst economic times, there are professional advancement opportunities readily available to employees who are seen as valuable. By following the suggestions above, you can make yourself one of them.

Robin Maxwell is a freelance writer based in Florida. In addition to writing newspaper and magazine articles, Robin blogs on online college graduate programs, online professional certification programs, online ACT and SAT preparation, and online degree programs for educators.

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