Preventing Diseases with A Regular Eye Exam

Making sure that you have a expert eye exam will help reassure you that there is no need to fear losing your eyesight. An eye doctor visit is about so much more than seeing if you need glasses, they also watch out for signs of your overall health and also many different eye diseases. Not only will a regular check-up help keep you up-to-date on your prescriptions, but it will also help in preventing the same eye diseases in this article.

A visit with the eye doctor gives you the chance to prevent macular degeneration. it is a chronic eye disease in which you would lose vision in the center of your eye. To be able to recognize people, read, or even drive, you would need to have clear central vision. Even though you will not have to deal with total blindness from this disease, blurred vision is still a problem.

Both cataracts and glaucoma are two condition that are possible to be prevented with getting an eye exam. Those that are aged between 40 and 80 are affected by these conditions with the majority or them, among 2 million others, having cataracts. Making sure you have a expert eye exam will help to catch these kinds of conditions early on so you can be treated by a medical professional. Only going for this exam one time is not good; you will need to do this as a yearly thing unless a doctor tells you otherwise.

With your insurance company covering your eye doctor visit, most will only have to pay a co-pay for their entire visit. With vision suddenly changing, it is important to have a check-up; even better to have one every year. Eye diseases such as Retinitis pigmentosa and also pink eye, are eye diseases that not a lot of people may know can either be easily treated or can be as serious enough to cause blindness. An eye doctor is very important to see regularly because as we get older, our eyes can lose their solidness, and they can even start to deteriorate with other problems.

A doctor can make sure to spot something wrong with the eyes if there are signs of possibly having some problems with systemic diseases. Some of the diseases that are included would be Rheumatoid arthritis, Hypertensions, AIDS, Grave’s disease and Sickle Cell disease. There are many different abnormalities that are associated with these diseases including bleeding, abnormal retina, and inflammation of the eye. With some cancers starting in the eye, it is possible to not only catch it early but begin treatment early as well.

An eye exam is not only about checking your vision to see if you need glasses or a stronger prescription. Even though there are many eye diseases that people fear, such as blindness, keeping yourself prepared can prevent these diseases. You can help prevent any eye diseases by getting a Long Island eye exam regularly.

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