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Hope Ives Mauran was born and brought up in Providence, Rhodes Island but currently lives in Hodson Valley in New York. She is the famous mother of three who began her journey through the spiritual world around 1980. This decision was inspired by the book Embraced By The Light which was written by Betty Eadie. The book opened her mind and showed her that life had more than what is visible.

In 1999 direct communication with her guides in spirituality began. The foundation for such a step was the realization that it was possible to communicate with God directly which was different from the conventional believes that existed at the time. This inspired the lady to expose the other dimensions through which wisdom would be translated.

Her attachment to nature is fully evident in her teachings, art and writing. Some of the books she has written are Where Wisdom Lies, Be The Second Coming and Emotional Transformation. Her visions of an internal spiritual landscape has helped her view things in an eco-spiritual way. This has inspired transformation in the world. Her drawings have inspired a great deal of spirituality. They exemplify the existence of an inner spiritual landscape in the lives of human beings.

Mauran views the definition of the word environment as broader. It captures more than human beings have been able to visualize. There is an internal landscape in every person that defines his reactions and decisions in life. It is the source of spiritual strength or weakness. Using this idea of the internal landscape, it is possible to bring greater change on earth.

At the University of New Hampshire, Ives studied forestry as a major. This is a likely pointer to her interpretation of the human soul as a landscape worth nurturing. She later founded an organization whose sole purpose was to plant trees. This organization was known as Trees for Rye. Her involvement with the environment saw her join the Rye Conservation Commission. She writes a lot and is an avid reader.

One of her famous books is Be the Second Coming that helps individuals feel one with the intrinsic divine presence or self. The exercises therein help one to see everything as one just as Christ would. An individual will see the connection between structures, animals and people and how they form one united universe. This point of view is important in dealing with fear and limitations.

An individual who can identify the natural harmony in all things that are created has the capacity to bring change to the world. He can touch the souls of individual and make them better and stronger. This ability results from the power of relaxation that comes from revelation. She points out that it is greed that overshadows Christ awareness, stopping the person from experiencing this grace.

Hope Ives Mauran proposes spiritual exercises that allow an individual to have live conversations with Christ. This enables the individual to view life through the eyes of Christ. It is such view that brings transformation. A lot of resources on these exercises are available online and in book stores at incredibly affordable prices. This is a moment that will change your personal view of the world.

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