Checklist For Survival

The act of continuing to live especially in situations that are hard or difficult is known as the act of Survival. There are actions to be taken and plans that a person need to make in order to survive several difficult situations. Survival can sometimes either be easy or hard depending on a person’s preparedness especially in areas that are known to be dangerous and poses a lot of risk for a person’s life like in the wilderness, in the jungle or during emergency situations like having a disaster or calamity.One thing that a person can do in order to prepare himself and his family for survival especially in different possible situations that can endanger one’s life is to make a checklist on the important things that needs to be done and to prepare for him to be ready with appropriate knowledge ad skills required for survival.

Here is a sample survival checklist for you to be able to assess if you are prepared for emergency situations:

-Do you bring a survival kit filled with all the important things to be used in case you get lost or injured especially when going on hunting, hiking, fishing, canoeing, mountain-climbing and other outdoor activity?

-In case a disaster happens and all or some of your family members are away from home, do you have a plan or disaster preparedness plan that will ensure that each of your family members will know what to do, where to go and how to communicate with each other?

-Were you able to store emergency survival foods in your home and in other places that you and your family members frequently go like the office, school and vehicle?

-Is your emergency survival food and supplies storage complete with all the things necessary for survival such as food and water, emergency lights, first aid kit, matches, rescue signal like whistle, batteries, cash, clothing, sanitary items, blanket, candle and survival gears and will this last for at least a couple of days?

-Were you able to make an emergency preparedness plan which will help you to locate a place where you can possibly go in case there is a need to evacuate your house?

-Are you well-informed of the weather conditions on your location and the possibility of different natural calamities and disaster like extreme flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, thunderstorms, landslides, and tsunamis to occur?

-Are you always checking your emergency survival and supplies storage to make sure that they are not expired and the contents are still good to to eat?

-Are you assured that your yard is free from potentially harmful objects and debris that may hit you in the event that a natural calamity like hurricane, tornado and thunderstorm happens?

-Do you avoid the possibility of your furniture and appliances falling off in case an earthquake happens by making sure they are anchored securely on the wall and on their places?

-Do you have an accessible list of important emergency disaster hotline numbers to dial?

-Are you and your family members able to use a compass and follow directions?

-Do you or anyone from your family know the basics in first aid technique in different emergency situations?

-Do you have the basic knowledge on how to use outdoor survival in case an animal attacks you?

If you have answered yes to most of the questions, it is safe to say that you are equipped and prepared in one way or another to survive in emergency situations. However, it is important to remember that a disaster can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone so it is always best to prepare and plan ahead in advance to make sure of increasing you and your family’s chances of survival.

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