The Truth War Of Dream

Most of us can sense that we are living in a world of warfare. But the wars are not for power, dominion or money, even not for reason of good and evil. It is for a more fundamental issue. This war is about truth. And the arena is everybody’s heart.

This war began in the kingdom of heaven, when Satan was cast out. But we are also involved due to Adam and Eve. This is not only because of the fact that they ate the forbidden fruit, but that they chose to believe lies instead of the truth of God.

Eating the forbidden fruit proves that they believed the lies of the enemy. When you believe a lie, you empower the liar. Agreeing the devil empowers the devil. This allows it to steal, to kill and to destroy. When Adam and Eve acted that way, they denied the truth of God.

This cuts off the branch they were sitting on. When they decided to give up the view point of God and accepted a perverse one, they had truly fallen. The Book of Roman 1:18~21 clearly described the fall of man is their fall from truth.

Adam and Eve sinned. What they lose is the ability to understand the nature of God and the will of God, which they initially had. They had forsaken truth and fallen from grace. Paul said the nature and the will of God could be clearly seen through the visible world. But now it becomes hard for man to really see.

We are all created according to the image of God. Originally, the nature and the will of God is revealed through our existence, to an extent. But human being had sinned and fallen from divine grace. The image of God is twisted and we can no longer see that very clearly. The human race is lost and struggle about their identity and purpose.

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