Genital Warts Transmission: How Should I Tell My New Partner?

According to people who collect medical statistics, genital warts are among the commonest sexually transmitted afflictions. Indeed, if people were to be brutally honest about the state of their health – including the inconvenient details – it would emerge that perhaps a considerable majority of them have suffered from genital warts at some point in their lives!

But how long should you wait? When is the appropriate time? Of course, there is no set time or situation that will make it the perfect moment. But there are various rules to follow in a sincere effort to avoid a total shock and destruction of the relationship. Rule 1: Don’t open the subject during your initial encounter. Rule 2: Don’t indicate your willingness to be intimate during the initial encounter. Rule 3: Encourage a second encounter where you will be together without distractions. When you schedule the second meeting try to make it a very personal engagement where no one but you and the partner are together. Such as a picnic, scenic ride, secluded beach, private home dinner. You get the idea. Use this private time to get to know more about each other. Try to lead the conversation toward a more personal exchange of information. Meaning, inquiries about work, likes and dislikes, past relationships, etc.

The disease has no cure, but what is available is mainly for suppression. Surgery may be employed to remove the ugly patched growth sometimes with temporary success. It may even become complicated especially in women because of the nature of their genitals. The virus is rampant in some quarters and disturbs women more than men. For many reasons, the disease can spread quietly in society without detection because of poverty and inability to access medical support.

Now let us consider the alternative. You decide not to tell your partner about your genital warts and hope for the best. Soon, your partner realizes there is a genitalia problem and puts two and two together. Instead of having a open conversation about the genital warts situation you now have a partner that is infuriated because you allowed the transmission without prior warning. Just because you have acquired genital warts there is absolutely no reason to isolate your life. You have the same right to happiness as everyone else. But because you have unfortunately acquired the genital warts virus that could easily affect your partners entire life, it is only fair and right that you inform them before sharing the risk with them. They have the right to know about your genital warts and you have an obligation of letting them know … in advance.

Vaccines are available for all people under 30; this is fully tested and approved. It is administered in three shots for a period of less than a year. As usual, vaccines do not offer any protection to those already infected; therefore, prevention is better than cure. For those who may find themselves victims, it is good to do a check up to confirm if there are any other STDs. All kinds of topical creams and ointments are available for all sexes.

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