Genital Warts In Men: Men Beware, You Can Also Get Genital Warts

Genital warts can be torture. In men, they often appear at the base of, and on the shaft of the penis, and can also manifest themselves within the urethra and the rectal area. At the very, very least, they can be embarrassing and dreadfully uncomfortable… usually, they can become quite painful. Genital warts in men can appear as being flat or raised and can form in large clusters resembling a cauliflower shape. In the more advanced cases of genital warts in men, painful urination can also be a factor when the warts have grown in the urethra. There are many medications and treatments which sufferers use, but as to the success of these, to say the least, it leaves much to be desired.

Be aware that genital warts in men is as serious as those experienced by women because it also results in other health problems when left untreated. Like women, many men would not know they have genital warts because symptoms do not show early, but the warts may eventually develop.

Another treatment seems to come from the other extreme, burning them off with a CO2 laser. This is generally for removing large warts in the genital area. Over the course of a number of visits to see the doctor, warts are removed in much the same fashion – painfully, and exteriorly. Even the thought of approaching the elimination of genital warts in men in this way can be frightening. Each visit, the doctor will fire up his laser and aim it at your genitals to burn them off. Are you cringing yet? True enough, it’s a gruesome spectacle even in the mind, to say the very least, yet complete removal is done quite cleanly and efficiently. The only problems with this method, as well as with the aforementioned cryotherapy treatment, is that it can be very expensive, and most often, the warts return. Still another treatment, which seems to find some middle ground between these opposing ends of the spectrum, is known as Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP). This is when a doctor takes a sharp instrument, the blade being loop-shaped, and passes this beneath each wart mass, carving it away from the rest of your skin. Don’t even ask if this is pain free… the doctor may say so, but I won’t lie to you. This supplies the same results as the others – complete removal, but often, they all return.

Wartrol is fast becoming the leading product to treat genital warts in men. They see the product as more appealing than other treatments such as cryotherapy. When the doctor uses liquid nitrogen to treat the genital warts. This treatment can often be painful and requires numerous follow-up treatments. Subject to many tests to gauge the actual performance of Wartrol. The results were very similar to their medical counterparts. During the tests Wartrol had a 97% success rate. With visual results seen within three to four weeks. Complete wart relief was seen at approximately the four to six month Mark depending on severity. No side effects were recorded. And the treatment was conducted in the privacy of the patient’s own home.

The symptoms of genital warts in men are same as those women experience. These include discomfort or itching in the genital area, bleeding after intercourse, warts around the genital region, bumps or swelling in the genital region and itching in the genital region. If you experience any or all of the symptoms, consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.

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