Evade Parabens By Using Organic Beauty Products

Organic products are becoming more and more popular. It may have started with organic foods, but the all natural life style is also beginning to become a big part of other areas of our lives. The idea that what we expose our bodies to can have either a positive or negative effect on us has led people to change their diets as well as their skin care.

Organic beauty products present an all natural option to consumers who do not want to expose their skin to the questionable and often harmful chemicals found in most cosmetic, bath, body, and hair products. The fact is that many of the chemicals found in inorganic beauty products would be entirely restricted to take orally. Yet, the skin–being the largest organ on the body–both excretes and absorbs. This means that the skin absorbs many of the chemicals that it comes in contact with and the inorganic beauty products that you use on a daily basis may contain ingredients that can damage skin and end up in your blood stream. Some of the most common chemicals found in inorganic beauty products are parabens.

What Are Parabens? One major perk of using organic beauty products is that they will not contain synthetic preservatives known as parabens. Keep in mind that there are not strong standards when it comes legally labeling a product as “all natural.” Therefore, it is important to check the ingredients label yourself.

Parabens are incredibly common preservatives found in most inorganic beauty, bath, and body products. They have been noted as being possibly carcinogenic and have been linked to having an estrogenic effect. Carcinogens are known for causing cancer. In addition to this, the stimulation of an increase in estrogen has been linked to causing breast cancer.

Butylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben, and ilsoparaben are ingredients to look out for and avoid when you are checking the labels of your inorganic beauty products. Parabens are low-cost synthetic preservatives which are used in everything from toothpaste and shaving gel to shampoo and moisturizers. Using all natural soaps, moisturizers, body washes, and so on will help you avoid coming in contact with these chemicals.

Artificial Fragances . . . These are also some of the most common chemicals found in inorganic beauty products. They are meant to simulate the aroma of everything from lavender to passion fruit, but really they are composed of unnatural coal or petroleum products. With organic beauty products the smell of lavender, or any other scent, will come from its natural source.

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