Gain Muscle Lose Fat (Muscle Building Tip)

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  1. linksysrouted says:

    Know any guys who work out with kidney damage?

    Do your homework, jesus.

  2. linksysrouted says:


  3. Sammy75633 says:

    Actually its you’re the shit not your shit…so I think its obvious who the shit is dumbass

  4. homeworksuks says:

    thts not really nterval training marathoners run 13 mph 4 26 miles. and its better 2 do it on a trak then on a treadmill

  5. badlmixture says:

    Know someone with weight problem?
    This helped me, maby it can help you too!

    47f5a08d.linkbucks.c om

  6. johnperry89 says:

    bodybuilders do not do high intensity cardio when dieting because they do not want to put too much demand on their muscle that is already having a hard time recovering because they are training hard and calories are cut. So it would make sense to do a lower intensity for longer time. man Vince, here you go again about the drug bullshit.

  7. iheartbunniez says:

    skinny guys who want to burn the excess fat they have left so they can have low body fat percentage. you have to have below 10% body fat to show your six pack, so a lot of skinny guys who are at 15 or 16% (and trust me they still look “skinny”) want to get rid of that excess 5% so they can show off their muscles under the fat layer

  8. rishie2002 says:

    the title is misleading. it says burn fat gain muscle, but then he starts talking about skinny guys. hmmm?

  9. the protein after the run, was that a second protein shake or his first after he completed his workout and running session?

  10. hardgainer080 says:

    the shit? o really? i think your a shit!

  11. vikaleeanessa says:

    Vince is the shit! This guy is the real deal, he shows us and doesn’t just talk bout it

  12. Yeah I just went a little lighter and super setted from 12-18 reps for all workouts and then followed it by the one minute sprint then one minute walk you made.

  13. tonytocanova says:

    actually Vince is about 190 lbs…

  14. TheEquityPirate says:

    Than do all the weight training exercises, except to 12-15 reps to get “lean” muscle instead of the 8-10 reps people do to get ‘mass’ and ‘size’. Most women do 12-15 reps to get a hot body, you can even do more than 15 reps, but keep it reasonable. Don’t do 30 reps of something, thats useless.

  15. footba11fan41ife says:

    cazzone0 r u blind or sumthin??!!

  16. Does this burn only fat? Or does it burn your muscle too? Cuz I want a workout to get toned and lose fat but no muscle.

  17. youtuba555 says:

    41 lbs of muscle in 6 months, Vince is a great athlete and trainer, dont get me wrong. But im thinking hes exactly like those infommercials that say you will get a six pack in 2 weeks. Its bullshit.

  18. good sound

  19. hirsebrey says:

    Cardio after Workout? Is there enough Testesteron left to do cardio?

  20. BenkyoSensei says:

    You don’t have to be extremely muscular to know how to build muscles. I’m sure that there is plenty of skinny people, muscular people, FAT people and other types of people who knows how to build muscle better than others. Anyone can tell you how to build muscle as long as they got proper knowledge of how to do it.

  21. 080487827 says:

    how is he skinny!? He weighs like 210 pounds! He just hasnt gone over the top! bet hes liftin alot more than you! quit tryin 2 big urself up over youtube!

  22. Brokencarnage says:

    Depends if your focused more on losing weight or building muscle dude; losing weight cardio before weights, so you have a higher heart rate while doing em, for gaining muscle cardio after weights so your at full energy to push your limits on weights =)

  23. Vince is an ectomorph and a former endurance athlete that took up natural bodybuilding and uses intelligent diet, weight training and cardio to gain muscular size and strength. He has competed in steroid-free competitions and does personal training, as well as publishes books for others to learn from. He’s more muscular than most bodybuilders who rely on AAS for their exceptional physiques.

  24. st34sfd231s says:

    he is still pretty big

  25. st34sfd231s says:

    He could be a personal trainer, or someone with great theories, but no practice, ‘you need to have a good frame to hang muscles on’. He might not be built the right way, don’t discriminate because of what he looks like.

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