Facts On Physical Therapy Treatment For Vertigo To Know

The human body can undergo disabilities and impairments at any time. The causes of these disabilities may however vary. Nevertheless, treatment to these impairments can be done through a physical therapy treatment, also known as physiotherapy.

The aim of the process is to try and make the individual feel better and alleviate the pain he/she may be feeling. However, the process calls for the services of a professional known as a physiotherapist and there are quite a number of those who can carry out this physical therapy treatment for Vertigo.

While undergoing a physiotherapy treatment, you may encounter the term modality. This term simply refers to a physical agent like, electricity, heat and ice, used to induce stimuli to a body part in order to cause a response. Reduced pain, increased blood supply and reduction in swelling are the most common responses. Physical agents also have an effect on muscle relaxation.

Heat as a modality is commonly used to treat pains and swellings. Through hot water packs placed on the skin, heat is transferred up to a depth of one centimeter beneath. The definite effect is improved circulation of blood and relaxation of muscles. Ultrasound technology is brought in the picture if the penetration of heat is to go deeper beneath the skin. If ultrasound is used as a single modality, no heat effect is cased but it can as well result to muscle and tissue vibrations. The effect of this is muscle relaxation and extensibility.

Apart from the high temperatures, low temperatures can as well be used to bring about an effect. Low temperatures reduce pain as well as blood circulation. Ice is therefore the modality of choice in this form of procedure. The use of low temperatures to induce an effect is called cryotherapy. Ice packs, ice massage and ice gels can be used for this process. Low temperatures reduce pain by reducing the transmission of nerve signals to the brain from the point of injury.

Electricity is also a common modality used by physiotherapists. By use of electrodes, electricity can be applied on the skin surface in a regulated manner. The current then stimulates receptors on the skin. These receptors are capable of overriding the pain from a deep site beneath the skin. After surgery or nerve injury, electricity can be used as a remedy to bring the nerve back to life.

Physical therapy is not a standardized procedure. It is of importance to realize that the modes of treatment and choice of modalities used vary from one individual to the other. Variation is majorly brought about by the nature of the condition being treated.

The goal of physiotherapy is to restore the functionality of a given body part. However, indirect benefits also exist. The fact that physiotherapy improves circulation of blood, chances of one suffering from heart diseases is reduced. It is a non-invasive form of treatment hence the use of syringes and drugs is absent.

The benefits of physiotherapy cannot be ignored. However its success is majorly dependent on the choice of the doctor made. Therefore, before settling on a given specialist it is advisable to research on the best in Vertigo South Hills PA

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