After Meal Replacements: How Do You Maintain Your Weight?

Individuals who are struggling to win the battle of the bulge have found an ally in meal replacement products. By replacing breakfast or lunch or both with shakes or bars, losing weight through lessening caloric intake is convenient and easy.

In the absence of conclusive studies that have established the safety of meal replacement products for the long-term, using these for an extended period of time is not really advisable.

Thus, after reaching your desired weight, you ought to start weaning yourself away from the shakes or bars and start consuming regular, more traditional meals. Besides, most individuals cannot keep on drinking or eating meal replacement products because they are severely limited in terms of flavor choices.

Those who have weaned themselves away from meal replacements face the reality that they will have to keep the weight off without the convenience of these ready- to-drink and ready-to-eat shakes and bars. Those who are used to pouring and blending the powder with water and fruits will certainly find themselves in a bit of a bind. However, this does not mean that it cannot be achieved. But it all begins while you are still on your meal replacement program.

If you want to keep the fats off for life, you must remember to make lifestyle changes. You can always lessen your food intake but eating and cooking healthily is something that you have to learn and practice.

Always shop with a grocery list comprised mainly of natural and whole foods. So you don’t succumb to the temptation of putting pastries and sweets on your cart, go grocery shopping when you are full. This way, you are more likely to stick to your grocery list.

Foods that are chockfull of refined sugars and fats are notorious for putting on the excess pounds. These can be found mostly in cured meats, soda and other processed items so don’t include these in your list.

Even if you are still drinking your breakfast and dinners through meal replacement shakes, learn new ways of preparing healthy fare. Don’t make lack of time an excuse to not prepare your meals. Fruit or vegetable salads are nutritious, easy to do and won’t take more than ten minutes of your time. Eggs can be boiled and eaten right after. Baking and steaming may take a little more time but learning these healthier ways of cooking are worth the fitness benefits you get.

Exercise is essential in maintaining all the weight lost from your meal replacement program. Even while you are still taking meal replacement shakes or bars, you should still do thirty minutes of exercise daily.

There is a much more important reason why you should exercise other than weight loss. Regular workouts strengthen all your body systems and keep you free from serious and common ailments. For example, cardiovascular exercises lower blood pressure levels, normalize blood sugar levels and protect from cancer and other degenerative diseases.

By observing these guidelines, you can keep your figure after weaning yourself from MRPs.

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