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  1. workout your legs also

  2. jptorre11 says:

    The commentator is sooooooo gay!

  3. Jeramiah327 says:

    anyone know the name of the guy in the blue?

  4. when you’re naked and grinding your pecs and hard cocks together, legs don’t really matter that much.

  5. Im all for workingout with buddies, and thanks for the pointers to the guys in the vid but, why do i get the impression like they are gay i kindda in a way dont feel comfortable watching this

  6. 000ManUtd000 says:

    dont you worry about me kokiapple. you just look after yourself son

  7. GottiDaGoodfella says:

    yeah…his calves and upper legs are the same circumference .

  8. kokiapple says:

    ya man good point ,but what about you do you have any muscles at all

  9. 000ManUtd000 says:

    look at the guys legs whos talking. whats the point of having a good upper body if you have chicken legs. get workin your legs man. probably one of the most important parts to train

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