The best supplements to use for muscile building?

I live off a Burger king diet and injest high calorie high protein foods…ie fast foods or any food that I can cook that has high calorie high protein. Here’s the thing I am a hardgainer and I notice I don’t put on alot of fat, and have noticed that I have gained mass without supplements, but I wondered if there is any out there that can "boost". I have been recently taking GNC Mega Men Sport pills as the only supplement. Any other suggestions?

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  1. CREATINE!!! Works wonders… but you have to be willing to put in the hard training and mostly the proper diet which doesn’t seem to be the case…no offense…

    Eating BK will not make you gain muscles and is soooo unhealthy for you. Most knowledgeable bodybuilders will tell you that their staple foods in the off season (mass gaining season) is oatmeal, brown rice, steak, chicken breast, egg whites, tuna and broccoli ( I’m vegan so I have a different approach…) You might want to check out for additional info…

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