Everything You Need To Know About Pure Green Tea And The Benefits You Can Get From It

Pure green tea shares similarities with other types of tea, in such a way that they all come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. Most companies around the world source their supply of this particular type of tea from Japan and China, and these two countries immediately treat the freshly picked leaves with heat to prevent fermentation. The two countries have different methods in subjecting the leaves to heat. Japan employs the use of steam to remove the moisture from the leaves, while China roasts the leaves on the pan or oven. After treating the leaves with heat, the leaves are rolled and are allotted time to dry.

Different techniques produce different types of tea; Japanese green teas are grassier in taste and greener in color, while Chinese green teas are yellow greenish in color with toasted taste to them. Climate and soil condition affects the quality of tea leaves, and according to most people, the most excellent pure green tea comes from Fujian province in China, a place suitable for growing tea plants.

There are several studies conducted that linked green tea with various health benefits and diet solutions. Minimal processing adds to green tea’s rich antioxidant content. Green teas are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids, and because of this, they are said to lower risk of heart diseases and put off particular kinds of cancer. In conventional medicine, practitioners use this type of tea as diuretic, stimulant, astringent and it is used to improve a person’s overall health. Other traditional uses of pure green tea are in treatment of gas and in promoting healthy digestion. Regarding its role in weight management, people who drink green tea exhibit increased metabolic rate and faster fat burning capacity.

The delightful taste of pure green tea relies on preparation; do not steep the bag too long and do not steep it in boiling water to avoid bitter taste. There is actually no exact steep time and temperature, as these typically differ according to the quality of tea. Typically, inferior tea requires longer steeping on hotter water in order for you to get more flavor from it.

Pure green tea, along with assorted types of black tea, white tea and oolong tea, when blended with other premium quality ingredients, can create a delightfully blended tea beverage. The blended selection of green teas is abundant, and some of the beloved ones are those with jasmine, mango, spring flowers and mint.

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