How To Implement Flood Damage Mitigation Measures

Flooding as a result of heavy rains can cause untold destruction to property and loss of life hence it is important to implement certain measures to ensure flood damage mitigation. Various strategies can be implemented and these have many benefits to a lot of people.

In order to avoid severe damages that can be caused to different properties as a result of flooding, it is important for property developers to avoid low lying areas that are close to big river banks. In the event of heavy rains, the chances of rivers to overflow are high and the water will fill up the surrounding area. It is important to avoid constructing buildings in such areas as a result of the threat posed by flooding.

Some areas such as plains are prone to water logging as a result of the poor drainage system that exists. It is equally important to avoid such places when building homes since the chances of water rising to high levels will be very high. Areas where water logging is common are not suitable for people to live there as they may be displaced by floods any time.

Tarred roads as well as side pavements are very important with regards to minimizing the impacts of floods in a certain area. Hard surfaces are not easily damaged by heavy rains given that they help to keep the ground surface strong. Another advantage is that it is easy for water to flow on such kind of surfaces. Different surfaces constructed using gravel are also strong compared to lose ground.

The foundations of the buildings should be constructed using solid concrete which is not easily damaged even in cases of floods. Such buildings are not easily swept away hence it is important to use strong building materials when constructing a particular structure. Bricks made of cement should also be used since these are very strong.

The buildings should be raised to higher levels above the ground in places that are prone to floods. This strategy is effective in that it can take longer before the water starts to get inside the buildings. Storey buildings in this particular case are very ideal given that they cannot be completely covered by flooded water. The safety of the people is ensured during such crisis periods.

It is also important to ensure that proper drainage channels are put in place around different places where people live. Artificial trenches can be dug to enable the water to flow away which minimizes the chances of flooding in a given area. There is need to construct concrete tunnels so that the water does not saturate the soil which often leads to flooding.

Basically, heavy rains can lead to flooding in different places. However, careful implementation of certain measures is very effective with regards to flood damage mitigation.

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