How do we stop quick ejaculation

This minor problem, and yes i consider it a minor problem that can be dealt with quickly once you are in the right frame of mind. But those suffering from quick ejaculation will see it as a major problem. The sad thing is that things being the way they are we are not able to talk about this matter openly.

I believe that it is a macho thing with us we all like to think of ourselves as the “super stud” but it isn’t always like that.

Everyone has experienced the big mouth telling us all about their love life and for those suffering from quick ejaculation it can almost bring on a sense of shame.

What’s worse ones self esteem and confidence will be greatly affected and because we tend to hide it away then the worse it will get.

In our research into this subect we came up with one important fact and that is that you are not alone.

Quick ejaculation can be caused by lots of reasons one and the earliest one would take us back to our teens when we would masturbate purely to achieve the orgasm.

Not realising that a partner may wish to be satisfied as well then we may find ourselves never being able to grow out of the quick orgasm but remember that the female requires longer than the male to achieve an orgasm.

Certain stress factors may well cause this problem like for example money worries trouble and pressures at work and even certain health worries however taking a step back and seeing what is going on in our life will be a start.

Methods in which we can employ to retard the orgasm would be to spend more time on the foreplay, and prepare yourself to satisfy your partner oh and yes, don’t get too excited.

Love making doesn’t always have to be about the penis we have other methods to give satisfaction e.g. fingers and tongues After all lesbians do not have a penis!

While thrusting and you feel the need to orgasm either stop or remove yourself from your partner. If she wants to touch you and again the feeling of orgasm approaches then just get her to stop.

Learn more about dealing with ejaculating too fast. Stop by mike grover’s site where you can find out all about living with premature ejaculation and what it can do for you.

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