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You had a great routine. Your alarm was set so you could get up early in the morning and start your day with a work out. You were energised and you were appreciating the results. But lately you aren\’t seeing the stable progress that you are accustomed to…and the scream of your alarm clock going off in the morning just makes you angry. You\’ve been watching the clock at the gym and your works outs are becoming shorter and shorter until eventually you stop going at all. It is rather obvious that your training is in a rut. It doesn\’t make a difference if you are a gym beginner or an expert gym veteran; everyone\’s fitness routine is probably going to plateau at some stage. So what are the main triggers and what can you do to climb out of your fitness rut?

Monotony – Your are performing exactly the same movements, the exact same weights, the same reps every work out. It used to be exhausting but these days you can do it effortlessly. When you are doing exactly the same program every workout, your body can become conditioned to that routine. You will no longer see benefits and as a result become uninterested. If you are bored at the gym then it will likely be tough to stay motivated. This is a hint that your workout needs to change. Establish new targets. Increase your weights or try alternative movements. Mix up the venue-if you are sick of going to the gym then try something new. Get outdoors and go for a bike ride or try a few laps in the swimming pool. Workout routines aren\’t meant to be easy! You need to shock your body into making progress.

Overtraining – If monotony isn\’t your problem you could be at the other end of the scale and working too hard. Going to a fitness center consistently is a healthy behavior. However if you go too often or are there too long, there\’s a chance you\’re breaking down beyond what you can build back up. Working out too much will not only take its toll on your body, it will have an effect on your mind as well. If you are constantly at the gym, overtraining, you might grow tired and discover it tough to pay attention. Try having a bit of a break then return slowly to discover the level that is right for you.

Get plenty of sleep – Cardiovascular exercise and strength training both tear down your muscles. It is when you are asleep that they rebuild stronger than before. If you aren\’t getting enough sleep then you aren\’t providing your body a chance to recover from workouts. You will probably get out of bed feeling lethargic. Your progress may even end up going backwards. Examine your sleeping patterns and make certain you get a minimum of 7 – 8 hours every night.

Diet – For anyone who is attempting to lose weight then you are likely attempting to burn more calories than you are ingesting. But if you are lacking energy then you might be overdoing it. Alternatively if you are working out hard but ingesting too much food then you aren\’t likely to see positive changes. Make sure you eat the correct foods at the proper time. Carbohydrates will provide you with the energy to perform a workout and protein is required to repair muscles. Be sure to drink plenty of water; it will keep you hydrated throughout your workout and it will also keep you feeling full between meals.

Some other useful tips to keep you motivated include training with a friend or personal trainer. It will likely be more enjoyable and motivating, and a little competition will help you to push yourself. Signing up for a sporting club is another good option and is a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise that can strengthen your heart and lungs as well as burn off a few undesired kilos. Last but not least, be sure you keep track of your progress. Otherwise how will you know how well you are performing?

So where to from here? If you feel like you are in a rut, you will need these helpful tips to get out of a rut.

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