EKG And Phlebotomy Training Certification Requirements

The human body is a marvel. It holds many secrets of life processes that humans, even after years of research and with the use of highly technical facilities, have not yet completely unearthed. Even doctors and other workers in the medical field such as those who have completed ekg and phlebotomy training in bronx do not completely understand how it works, but they are optimistic that they are getting close to finding all the answers.

The body is home to parts that function harmoniously to sustain life. One of these parts is the blood. It is an essential bodily fluid that transport oxygen, vitamins, and minerals to and fro the different areas of the body. Each person has a different blood type. Most belong to O positive, while only a limited number are AB negative. During special cases, even ordinary people can save a life. This is done through blood donation.

This act also has numerous advantages that favor the donor. For example, it is a form of free check up. The person who has decided to donate blood should be subjected to different medical examinations to see that he is healthy. You will be able to find out whether you have diseases you do not know about once you are done with all the testing. You get medical opinion without so much as giving out a penny.

Donating can also help prevent the risk of heart disease and cancer. Relatively high amounts of iron in the blood is implicated to having cancer. If you donate, your body will keep iron levels at bay and keep you away from diseases such as these two. It will also help you burn calories because a one time donation can cause you to lose 650 kilo calories.

Phlebotomy is the medical procedure of having to draw blood for donations, type testings and drug testings. This is also even used for basic urinalysis tests. The medical person that performs this procedure is a phlebotomy technician.

On the other hand, an electrocardiogram or EKG tests heart activity. It is also used to find irregular heartbeats that could well be the start of a disease. An EKG technician also does this to find the underlying reasons for unexplainable chest pain.

Since both medical areas are closely related to one another, most hospitals and medical institutions hire one staff member to do both. He or she is the phlebotomy and EKG technician. His or her duties are to collect blood specimens and transport them to the lab along with other non blood samples. Aside from performing EKG testing they can also be tasked to do office duties, order stock supplies and run quality controls.

To become a certified technician there are some steps that you should undertake to reach your end goal. You need to finish high school or pass the GED exam. You should also be free from contagious diseases and have all the required vaccinations. You will also be required to take a drug and background check.

You can now enroll yourself in a training program under certification bodies that your state acknowledges. After two to four months of training, you will be required to sit through the National Certification Examinations. Once you successfully pass, you will become a certified technician.

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