General Facts On Standing Meditation

Meditation refers to a practice that is used for many purposes. It involves people training the minds or creating a mode of consciousness. The term is used when classifying a range of practices and varying techniques that are used to build the internal energy within a person, encourage relaxation, and instill patience, compassion, generosity, forgiveness and love. Standing meditation refers to a simple, yet powerful, approach. People around the globe, including those living in California, have adopted this practice into their routine.

When it comes to this, the body is aligned in a certain way and kept still. Through this practice the energy flow, or Qi, of a person takes on its natural flow through the meridian system. This allows for dissolution of any blockages that may be preventing the energy flow to go through smoothly.

There are many perceived benefits to this. Those who practice this find that it can be beneficial to the entire being, as it is said to balance the whole self. The time that is spent doing this will vary. Sometimes it is done for just a few minutes and sometimes it can be extended longer, depending on a person’s preference. All one needs to do this is a body, quiet place and open mind about the possibilities.

It is important to have a quiet space for this purpose. It is ideal to start inside, thought standing in front of a window that looks outdoors can also be nice. Stand in a position so that your feet are hip length apart from each other and the toes face forward. Soften up the knees so that the pelvis will relax down and weight comes to the feet. It should feel similar to mounting a horse.

Look forward and align the head so that it is right on atop the spine. This helps make the muscles in the neck, head, face and throat relax. Smile softly and let the tongue float to the roof of the mouth, just behind the front, top teeth. Allow the hands to flow up around 10 inches in front of the lower half of the abdomen.

Palms should face a few inches below the navel and fingertips should point forward but are not to touch. Imagine you are in the position to hug a small tree. Fingers should extend and be spaced out. The elbows can be lifted enough so that the armpits are hollowed out.

Take deep breaths in and complete breaths out. As you do this, make minor adjustments in your stance so that you feel comfortable. Picture yourself as a large tree or mountain, or something else that you think is stable and serene. Let your breath return to its normal pace and focus on stillness in the body. Enjoy this time that you are doing nothing.

Stay in this position for a minimum of 10 minutes. You can hold it for longer, if it feels right. Gradually increase the time that you do this every time. Results will be different for each individual, but a lot of people have reported seeing positive changes in themselves with regular practice.

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